I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1733

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1733–After David yelled at Archimedes, the people at the auction were excitedly waiting for Archimedes’ 


Based on their understanding, as the first-in-line heir and the future head of the family, how would Archimedes stand being yelled at in front of so many people? 

He would surely fight back with everything he could and make the person who yelled at him suffer the consequences. 

He might even take action in this very auction. Once they started fighting, it would be very interesting. However, they were at Treasure Trove’s headquarters, so the staff would surely stop them. 

To be honest, Valerio was prepared. 

If Archimedes could not control himself and wanted to attack, as the host of the auction, Treasure Trove would not let this proceed. 

If someone started fighting at the suction and hurt the other guests, Treasure Trove’s reputation would suffer if word got out. 

Treasure Trove was going through an eventful period right now and its reputation was not as good as before, so they could not face such a situation. 

David had thought about it clearly before he decided to yell at Archimedes. 

Firstly, they were at Treasure Trove’s auction, so Treasure Trove would not allow Archimedes to do anything. 

Of course, even if he did, David would not be scared of him. 

Secondly, he wanted to trigger Archimedes so that he would aggressively increase the price. That way, David could get more lavish points. 

David did not touch the God of Thunder Hammer, so even though the system detected the real identity of the hammer and knew that it was one of the top three Ancient Weapons, it did not appraise it. 

Before this, no matter if it was the Nine Turning Star Iron, Stone of Life, or Exquisite Wine of Hundred Flowers and Fruits, the system would identify it correectly and appraise them after David touched them. 

This time, the system detected the God of Thunder Hammer from a distance, but it forgot the most important thing-the appraisal. 

David was depressed. 

He wanted to touch the hammer so that the system would appraise it. 

Since it was one of the top three Ancient Weapons, the lavish points he would get from this might be enough to help him get directly into Saint Realm. 

However, he was not allowed to touch it now. 

He could not walk on stage for no reason, right? 

Moreover, nothing like this happened in the past. The host would not let the guests participating in the auction inspect the treasures themselves. 

If not, everyone would want to do it. How would they continue with the auction then? 

However, even if David knew the price of the hammer, it would be useless. 

Even if the God of Thunder Hammer was worth one hundred trillion Star Dollars, he still needed someone to raise the price that high for him. 

Even fools would know something was up with the God of Thunder Hammer if David raised the price from a few hundred billion to one hundred trillion directly. 

Treasure Trove might not even let it go then. 

If that happened, David would not get anything. 

Since he could not know the real price of the hammer, David figured he should enrage Archimedes and force him to bid against himself. 

It would be a good way to spend more money. 

It would be even better if cost a huge premium. 

Therefore, from the looks of it now, enraging Archimedes would bring him the most benefit. 


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