The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1535

Chapter 1535

Because the Collins family and Sean were never meant to be in opposition.

William was a friend of Sean’s adoptive father. They were close. The reason that the Collins family had conflicts with Sean was that William was dissatisfied with Sean.

Sean’s father, Colin, was considered a big shot when he was alive, so William had high hopes for Sean. Therefore, when Sean came to Joules Town and asked William for help, William was disappointed with Sean, thinking Sean was no match for his adoptive father, Colin!

If it were Colin, he would rather die than live in grievance. There was no way he would come to Joules Town only to ask himself for help.

William’s contempt for Sean was all from this incident.

However, Sean’s subsequent performance repeatedly surprised him.

Firstly, he started Lennon Group, brought down Billion Trees Group, and built the new orphanage despite resistance from all parties. He was undaunted even when he confronted Joules Town’s affluent families. Tonight, the top family in Joules Town-the Lathan family was openly on Sean’s side!

At this moment, Sean was more powerful than William or even the whole Collins family!

To put it crudely, Sean could easily strike the Lidell family down if he wanted to. William could not stop him, even if he mustered the Collins family’s power!

“Sean really blows people away.”

William said slowly and sighed.

If he had known that Sean was so powerful, he would not have neglected Sean or even despised him and rejected his request.

“Tell everyone that none of us in the Collins family have to go against Sean. Of course, there is no need to be friendly with them. After all, he might not be willing even if we want to curry favor with them.”

William pondered for a moment before finally saying.

Jacob nodded vigorously. He felt the same way.

He thought about it tonight when he saw Chloe stand up to Sean regardless of her status. Seeing William so open-minded and not stubborn, it was for the best.

“So Sean’s earlier request to see Mr. Lupin…”

Jacob asked cautiously.

“I’ll talk to him about it, but there’s no hurry. Once this blows over, find a chance to invite Sean to the Collins family.”

William said cautiously.


Jacob nodded in agreement.

Queen Children’s Orphanage had become famous.

Due to the construction of a new orphanage, Queen Children’s Orphanage, which was previously unknown, had become the focus of attention in Joules Town.

The orphanage was often visited by reporters these days. Even philanthropists came to Queen Children’s Orphanage and offered to donate.

However, May turned down all donations. With Sean’s support, the orphanage had no lack of funds.

If they accepted the donations of those philanthropists, it would not help much and might lead to unnecessary disturbances.

After all, she did not stay at the orphanage to gain fame and wealth but genuinely wanted to raise and care for homeless children.

Reporters and philanthropists were not the only visitors to Queen Children’s Orphanage.

There were also members of the affluent families of Joules Town.


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