Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2907 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2907 By verygoodnovel-She had thought about the matter of pregnancy, and thought it very clearly.

First of all, she couldn’t have the child in her belly, and secondly, she couldn’t tell her family or colleagues.

“What’s the matter? Are you short of money? How much do you want?” Juliette asked.

“No, I’m not short of money. Let’s meet and talk!” Joanna was a little embarrassed on the phone.

Juliette: “Okay, are you renting that house now? I’ll go find you.”

Joanna: “Um.”

About forty minutes later, Juliette came to the rented room.

Joanna prepared delicious meals.

Juliette looked at the food on the table, and the corners of her mouth curled up: “Joanna, it’s not time for lunch yet! Is there anything you can’t talk about on the phone? It made me guess all the way, I was so curious.”

Juliette sat down in the dining chair and stared at Joanna.

Joanna poured her a glass of water, then sat down in the chair opposite her.

“Juliette, we have no mutual friends, and you don’t know my family, so I have to ask you to help me with this matter.” Joanna said solemnly, “I am pregnant. I want to abort the child, but The doctor needs the family members to sign, and I want you to sign for me.”

Juliette: “…”

Although Juliette and Joanna rented together for a short period of time, Juliette could see Joanna’s character during the time she was in contact with Joanna.

Joanna was definitely not the type of girl who enjoyed playing around outside.

And Joanna didn’t have a boyfriend, so how did her baby come about?

“Whose child is it? Don’t you have a boyfriend?” Juliette picked up the water glass and drank the water in one gulp. “How many months? Why can’t you tell that you are pregnant?”

Joanna lowered her head: “I just got pregnant.”

“Oh? But during the time I lived with you, you didn’t bring a man back to spend the night? Who is the child’s father? Does he not want to be responsible?” Juliette’s fist won, “Don’t be afraid, just tell me, I’ll teach him a lesson! I promise not to call him your friend!”

Joanna: “It’s all an accident. The child’s father didn’t know I was pregnant.”

“Accident? Are you not going to find that boy? Even if the child is not wanted, the operation fee and nutrition fee must be paid! Joanna, don’t your family still owe money? You are hurting your body and costing money. I can’t bear to be wronged!” Juliette defended her, “You haven’t told me who the child’s father is!”

“I don’t know him. He didn’t force me to do that kind of thing, so I didn’t look for him.” Joanna said like a mosquito, wishing she could find a hole in the ground.

“Ah?! You don’t know each other? Are you a one-night stand?” Juliette scratched her head, “You’re so playful! I didn’t even see it! Besides, don’t you take measures for a one-night stand?!”

“It’s not what you think…” Joanna blushed more and more as she explained, “He’s not that kind of person, and I’m not that kind of person either… At that time, the situation was more complicated. You just treat me as a pervert!”

“Okay! Is that man so handsome?” Juliette looked puzzled.

“Very handsome.” Joanna lowered her head even lower.

“Since he’s so handsome, why don’t you keep the child? If you don’t have money, I can lend it to you!” Juliette felt that a child born to a handsome man would definitely not be ugly.

Joanna: “Juliette, I’m different from you. It’s not just the economic pressure, but also the pressure of public opinion. If my parents and my relatives knew about this, they would definitely criticize me.”

“Your parents still have to rely on you to pay off the debt. What right do they have to say about you? Not to mention your relatives, how many times do you meet with them a year? You don’t eat their rice, so don’t care what they say. It depends on whether you want this child. If you want it, you want it. If you hate children, then you don’t want it.” Juliette persuaded, “What era is it now, can you live for yourself?”

Joanna raised her head and looked at Juliette’s face: “But aren’t you also forced to go on a blind date by your family? It’s really hard to live freely.”

“I listened to my parents because I was reluctant to part with their family property. Your parents can’t give you money. And you are willing to endure hardships. How can you not support a child?” Juliette retorted her words, “The man you volunteered for must be excellent, right? Excellent genes are inherited. You’d better think clearly before deciding whether to abort the child.”


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