I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1736

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1736–Archimedes had never lost when it came to competing in wealth. 

Since he suffered such a defeat in front of David, he had to retaliate. Hence, he increased the price by 

another 300 billion. 

“1.7 trillion!” David gritted his teeth and yelled. 

Even though he pretended to be mad, he was overjoyed on the inside. 

‘Yes, baby That’s it. You have to persevere. Don’t back out. Anyone who backs out is a coward.’ 

David wanted to call out 2 trillion, but he gave up that thought afterward. 

He could only get more benefits with a long-term plan. 

If he stunned Archimedes too quickly, it would be over if Archimedes decided to give up. 

“2 trillion!” Archimedes called out casually. 

His expression contrasted David’s. 

David was gritting his teeth in anger, while Archimedes looked indifferent. 

Archimedes felt a little better when he saw David like that. 

However, this was not enough. 

No matter what, he had to torture David before killing him. 

He would only feel better that way. 

“2.2 trillion!” 

“2.5 trillion!” 

“2.7 trillion!” 

“”3 trillion!” 

“4.2 trillion!” 

“4.5 trillion!” 

“4.7 trillion!” 

“5 trillion!” 

The two were bidding against each other. 

They raised the base price of the Hammer of Thunder from 50 billion to a sky-high price of 5 trillion. It was a hundred times increase. 

Everyone at the scene was beyond shocked. It was as if they were not even spending money. 

‘Who the hell bids like this at an auction? 

‘They even increase their price by 200 or 300 billion at one go. 

‘Is this how direct descendants of major forces bid? 

‘How imposing. 

‘I truly can’t understand the world of the rich.” 

They had not even heard of this, let alone seen what was taking place in front of them. 

However, a Soulbound Weapon did not have a fixed price. 

If it was suitable, it would still be worthwhile no matter how much it cost. 

However, if it was not, one could not use it to its full potential even if one held it in their hand. 

For example, David used a sword and he also learned the sword technique. 

Therefore, it would be hard for him to bring out the weapon’s full potential if he was given a knife or an ax. 

Only the weapons suitable for him would work best. 

Of course, if it was suitable for him, the higher the level of the Soulbound Weapon, the better. 

Alba was also a little stunned on the stage. 

‘How long has it been, and the price has already come to 5 trillion? 

‘How incredible!’ 

If this was a normal bidding process, Treasure Trove estimated the price of the Hammer of Thunder to be around 2 to 3 trillion. Now, it had reached 5 trillion. 

Moreover, it seemed like it would not stop soon. 

No one knew what the final price would be. 

Alba was not worried that the two would not afford it. 

One was the disciple of a Sacred Saint, while one was the young master of Splendor and also the future head of the Lightfoot family. 

They did not lack money. 

Alba wanted David to not be able to afford it so that he would owe her family a favor. 

If that were the case, just this bid alone would be a huge success. 


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