The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1537

Chapter 1537

“Got it!”


Two children shouted and laughed.

Sean shook his head helplessly. Watching the kids playing around, he could only let them do whatever they wanted.

Fortunately, none of the children touched Martyrs’ Memorial Garden’s tombstones or anything else, even though they were playful. They only looked with their eyes.

Sean was relieved to see that.

“There are so many martyrs buried here!”

Caitlyn looked around and marveled.

Zander, who followed her, nodded and said, “Of course. When Dragon Kingdom was in limbo, major wars rarely happened, but small-scale battles kept happening. People died defending the country almost every day. These are called martyrs, and they will be buried in memorial gardens all over Dragon Kingdom. It’s not a small amount, of course.”

Hearing Zander’s words, Caitlyn was filled with deep admiration and was touched.

It was because these people risked their lives to fight. They even sacrificed their lives to have the peaceful Dragon Kingdom now.

All martyrs were worthy of respect!

“Uncle Sean, I want to be a martyr when I grow up!”

A child suddenly ran up to him and said firmly.

Sean and Zander smiled at each other when they heard this.

Although the little one was naive and did not even understand what the word “martyr” meant, Sean and Zander were amused to hear him say that.

Just then, a sudden retort came from not far away.

“What’s with all this noise? Don’t you know you should keep quiet in Martyrs’ Memorial Garden? What if you disturb the martyrs? Where are your manners?”

Two security guards walked over. One glared at Sean, Zander, and the kids, and the other did not look too well either.

“Sorry, the children are too young to know better.”

Sean apologized because the kids were indeed a little noisy, and the security guard was telling the truth. However, the two security guards became even more aggressive as soon as Sean apologized.

“Is the children too young to know better an excuse? Children don’t understand, and you adults don’t either! Knowing you have to be quiet here, how dare you bring so many children to Martyrs’ Memorial Garden? Do you think this is a playground?” The security guard who had shouted earlier shouted again. Another security guard took over the conversation and criticized everyone, including Sean.

“Look at you! What are you doing? You dress so casually to visit Martyrs’ Memorial Garden. You also

shouted and made a scene after coming in. You have no basic manners or common sense! Who are you to visit Martyrs’ Memorial Garden to pay homage to our forefathers? Who do you think you are?”

“Sorry, we’ll keep an eye on the kids.”

May was the director. Seeing Sean and the children being so severely criticized, she rushed over to apologize to the two security guards.

However, the two security guards only kept on talking.

None of them noticed that army SUVS had somehow pulled up to the entrance to Martyrs’ Memorial Garden.

A middle-aged man in his 40s with a scar on his face got nearer with several attendants.

“Why is it so noisy over there?”


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