Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2911 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2911 By verygoodnovel-“Mr. Foster, don’t you feel sorry for the child crying like this? Since you don’t want this child, I’ll send him to the orphanage.” The woman couldn’t bear the cold, so she planned to take the child into a taxi and leave.

She didn’t believe that such a beautiful boy, Elliot could ruthlessly abandon him.

“Stop!” Elliot yelled, “Who is the person who gave you the child? Besides asking you to send the child here, did she say anything else?”

The woman stopped and said, “No! The person said that you would give me a sum of money if I sent the child to your house. If I had known that you had this attitude, I would not have taken the job. I am a milkman people, I don’t know anything else.”

Elliot: “…”

The bodyguard saw that Elliot was so embarrassed, so he said, “Boss, why don’t you let her go!”

The bodyguard felt that if Elliot kept the child, Avery would definitely not do it.

The bodyguard also felt that even if Elliot didn’t keep the child, Avery wouldn’t let it go.

Elliot put a big green hat on Avery!

No one could bear it no matter who was changed.

Although Elliot had strong financial resources, Avery had four children behind her to support her, so there was no need to be afraid of Elliot.

“If I let her go, how can I prove my innocence?” Elliot said this, reaching out to pick up the child.

The woman turned sideways, freed up a hand, and asked Elliot for money.

“Mr. Foster, I sent the child all the way, so you have to give me some travel expenses, right? Also, the taxi fare is not cheap today…” The woman asked for money.

Elliot didn’t take out the money, so he gave the bodyguard a look.

The bodyguard immediately took out his wallet: “How much do you want?!”

The bodyguard’s voice was a bit rough and his expression was fierce, so women didn’t dare to ask for more.

“One thousand… at least one thousand!”

The bodyguard dumped a thousand dollars on the woman.

The woman quickly took the money and sent the baby to Elliot’s arms at the same time.

After the woman got the money, she hurried to the taxi.

Soon, the taxi carrying the woman disappeared without a trace.

Elliot held the newborn baby in his arms, and was about to enter the room before talking.

At this time, Avery came out with the suitcase in her hand, regardless of the maid’s dissuasion.

Avery hadn’t suffered such humiliation for many years.

The illegal child was sent directly to the door.

It’s like she was slapped by the mistress!

Not only his face was burning with pain, but his heart was also so painful that it was hard to breathe.

Seeing that Avery was leaving, Elliot didn’t even think about it, and immediately handed the child to the bodyguard at the side.

“Honey, this child isn’t mine! I swear!” Elliot walked up to Avery in a few steps and grabbed Avery’s arm, “I took this child to prove my innocence!”

In his life, Elliot didn’t like to watch other people swear.

Because no matter how nice the words were, they were false.

But now he was really cornered. So he understood a little bit why many people would swear in desperation.

“Ma’am, don’t be angry, it won’t be too late to get angry when the paternity test results come out, right?” The maid grabbed the suitcase from Avery’s hand and dragged it back into the house.

“Honey, I really haven’t done anything to apologize to you! If that child is mine, I…” Elliot got stuck when he said this.

He was sure he hadn’t cheated, but he wasn’t sure if the child was his.


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