I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1735

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1735–David was amused when he saw how much Archimedes wanted to kill him and how his expression looked as if his parents had died. 

If looks could kill, Archimedes might have already killed him multiple times. 

Archimedes still had no idea David killed Cornelius. 

What would he think if he knew? 

Archimedes was seething but he was not doing anything. 

Therefore, David knew he was right. 

Archimedes would not do anything in this auction. 

‘Yes, your family owns Splendor, one of the top five trading companies in the Central Sacred Continent, but the Fellowes family is not weak either. 

‘Treasure Trove is also one of the top five trading companies. 

‘As the saying goes, people in the same industries are enemies. 

‘So, the Fellowes and Lightfoot families would not have a good relationship. 

‘They’re being very kind by letting you come to the auction. If you dare to make trouble here, you will have to suffer the Fellowes family’s wrath. 

‘Archimedes, you’re just an heir, not the head of the family. 

‘So, you will also suffer if the Fellowes family strikes down on you. 

‘Perhaps you will even lose your right as an heir. 

‘After all, you can’t see the bigger picture, so how would your family let you take over the family? 

‘If this is just a small auction, you would have asked the late Sovereign Ranker beside you to kill me by 


‘If that had happened, I would have just fought back. 

‘Unfortunately, this is not the place.’ 

Now that David had successfully angered Archimedes, he was waiting to see how the guy would retaliate against him. 

‘I hope he’ll raise the price of the God of Thunder Hammer.’ 

“Archimedes, stop yakking if you don’t dare to do anything. The auction hasn’t ended yet. Name your price. If not, I’ll take the hammer away,” David said loudly. 

Despite saying so many things to anger Archimedes, David’s real goal was still to make Archimedes bid against him for the Hammer of Thunder. 

“David, I’ll let you be arrogant for a while more. Just you wait. You will cry later, and I hope you won’t kneel and beg for mercy then.” 

“Stop bullsh*tting. Are you naming your price or not? If you’re not, Miss Fellowes, you can announce that the Hammer of Thunder now belongs to me. I like the hammer a lot.” 

“You want the hammer, huh? Don’t even think about it now that I’m here. I am determined to have that 


“Oh yeah? Name your price then! Stop f*cking bullsh*tting. Anyone who names the highest price will get the hammer. I have the highest price now. 800 billion Star Dollars.” 

“You’re comparing your wealth to mine? Are you stupid?” Archimedes mocked. 

“Let’s not talk about that. Name your price! Why are you like a woman?” David was a little frustrated. 

He did not expect a man like Archimedes to be so long-winded. 

The Lightfoot family and the Fellowes family were in the same industry, so they were at odds with each other. 

Naturally, Alba would not want the God of Thunder Hammer to go to Archimedes. 

However, if Alba recognized David and announced that time was up to help him, what would David do? 

All of his efforts would have been in vain. 

800 billion Star Dollars was only 8000 lavish points. 

In addition to the 3000 lavish points from before, there would only have 11000 lavish points. 

It was not even close to his goal. 

David kept urging Archimedes to name his price, confusing the people watching them. 

‘What’s going on?’ 

‘He angered Archimedes and asked him to bid against him for the hammer. 

‘Does he have too much money?’ 

Everyone knew that both parties would surely want to win at this moment. 

Therefore, the price would definitely skyrocket. 

In the end, it would surpass the real value of the treasure. 

Even though they did not know what was going on, they were still waiting to see what would happen. 

“1 trillion!” Archimedes finally names a price. 

This was 200 billion more than David’s 800 billion. The hammer was now at a sky-high price of 1 trillion. 

David was overjoyed. 

He yelled internally, ‘My brother, you finally named your price! Thank you! I will make sure to lessen your suffering when I kill you. I will make sure to finish the job with one slash of my sword.’ 

Since Archimedes had added 200 billion to his price, David would not fall behind. 

“1.2 trillion!” David yelled out another price. He also added 200 billion. After he said that, Archimedes yelled out another price. “1.5 trillion!” 


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