Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2909 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2909 By verygoodnovel

The weather was bad today, and there were no people outside at all.

So after a car stopped at the door, the maid immediately walked towards the courtyard door.

“I never heard that there will be guests coming today!” The bodyguard also followed to the gate of the courtyard.

It’s a taxi.

After the car door was opened, the bodyguard and maid were stunned by the sound of a baby crying.

The Foster family hadn’t heard a baby cry for many years.

The bodyguard immediately pushed open the courtyard door and went out to check the situation.

The maid followed closely.

A middle-aged woman with a baby got out of a taxi.

Because it was snowing outside, after getting out of the car, the middle-aged woman first wrapped the baby in a quilt.

“Who are you?” The maid was too curious, so she asked, “Do you know our master?”

The middle-aged woman holding the baby shook her head, and then asked, “Is this Elliot Foster’s home? I’m here to drop off the child. This is the child of Elliot’s family.”

bodyguard and maid: “…..”

This baby was a child of Elliot’s family?!

At such an age, Elliot actually gave birth to another child outside.

It’s over!

Avery would definitely divorce him!

The maid was so frightened that she lost her mind, turned around and ran towards the villa.

Both Elliot and Avery were at home today… The maid could already predict that a storm would happen next!

The maid opened the door, entered the villa, and staggered to Avery.

Avery put down the book in her hand and asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Ma’am, a woman came outside with a baby in her arms. She said it was Mr.’s child.” After the maid finished speaking, Avery made a ‘swish’ and strode outside.

“Ma’am, put on a coat! It’s cold outside!” The maid took Avery’s coat and immediately chased her out.

Upstairs, Elliot heard the movement and immediately went downstairs. When he got to the first floor, there was no one in the living room.

The gate of the courtyard.

The woman holding the baby kept clamoring to see Elliot, but the bodyguards stopped the woman and wouldn’t let her in.

The baby in the woman’s arms seemed to have heard their argument, so it kept crying.

After Avery came over, she immediately lifted the quilt from the woman’s arms a little, trying to see the baby’s face clearly.

The child’s facial features had not yet developed, indicating that the child was recently born.


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