The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1536

Chapter 1536

After the party, Sean reconciled with most of the affluent families in Joules Town. With Chloe’s public support, many affluent families, who switched sides for personal gain, sent their children to visit Sean in Queen Children’s Orphanage.

Their goal was to link up with the Lathan family through Sean.

Sean was polite and hospitable to these people, of course. However, he made no promises when it came to the Lathan family.

Because he knew he could not speak for Chloe, let alone cause her trouble.

The new orphanage was also in construction. The construction company had greatly shortened the construction schedule with the help of the latest construction methods and equipment. The orphanage was not so large, so it was expected to be completed soon.

Perhaps bored, Caitlyn thought about taking the orphanage children for an outing.

May rejected Caitlyn’s proposal as soon as Caitlyn brought it up.

“It’s not safe. We have so many children and so few adults. Can we handle them? Besides, children are playful. What if one gets lost or gets into danger?”

May cared too much for the orphanage children and feared they would get hurt, so she rejected Caitlyn’s suggestion.

Caitlyn was aggrieved and approached Sean to put in a good word for her.

However, Sean also failed to convince May.

Although Sean was a nine-star commander and the Guardian God of War of Dragon Kingdom, he could not be tough in front of May.

“Well… Since Aunt May disagrees, let’s forget about it.”

Sean said helplessly.

“I wanna go out. Look. Everyone stays at the orphanage all day. It’s like imprisonment if you don’t go out. It’s bad for the children’s growth.”

Caitlyn stood by her idea as she kept persuading Sean and May.

Just then, Zander walked in with a newspaper.

“Commander, Joules Town Martyrs’ Memorial Garden has recently opened for tours. Shall we go…”

Before Zander could finish speaking, Sean’s eyes lit up.

“Martyrs’ Memorial Garden is enclosed, so children can’t get lost there. We can take the children to Martyrs’ Memorial Garden to learn new things and cultivate patriotism. What do you think, Aunt May and Caitlyn?”

Sean asked excitedly.

Caitlyn agreed instantly. “Yes, yes. Anywhere as long as I can take the children out!”

May thought about it and found Sean’s suggestion reliable, so she nodded in agreement.

“Alright, but you must keep an eye on the children and be careful!”

May reminded them solemnly.

Therefore, Sean and Zander drove May, Caitlyn, and the children to Joules Town Martyrs’ Memorial Garden from Queen Children’s Orphanage.

Joules Town Martyrs’ Memorial Garden looked old. Although it had been renovated several times, it still looked like it had lived through many changes.

Besides that, as soon as they entered Martyrs’ Memorial Garden, it became quiet as if there was a rule that made you speak quietly.

Of course, it only worked for grown-ups.

The children were still jumping up and down, chattering.

Sean did not scold the kids. In his opinion, it was normal for children to be playful as long as they did not spoil things.

“Be careful not to randomly touch anything in here. This is Martyrs’ Memorial Garden, where all those who fought for Dragon Kingdom are buried. We must respect them.”

Sean reminded them in his usual tone.


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