I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1734

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1734–Under everyone’s gaze, Archimedes finally spoke. 

He was not as angry as everyone expected. 

He asked calmly, “What’s your name?” 

“I am who I am. Archimedes, listen closely, my name is David Lidell, and remember, this will be a name that will make you feel fear and despair,” David said arrogantly and despotically. 

He looked exactly like a hedonist from a major force. 

“David Lidell? Alright! I’ll remember you. However, it’s still too early to say who will make who feel fear and despair,” Archimedes suppressed the anger in his heart and snapped. 

If he was not worried about letting down his seniors and affecting his plan of inheriting the family, Archimedes would have asked Bernard to kill David and make him experience what it was like to suffer a fate worse than death. 

“Oh? Archimedes, how long has it been since we last met. Have you already forgotten what happened at the tavern? I guess I didn’t punish you enough. If I knew this would have happened, I would have crippled you so that you won’t make so much noise here and disturbed me.” 

David said, looking a little disappointed. 

When he said that, everyone at the scene was shocked. 

Countless voices sounded. 

“Damn, who is this? How is he so savage? He even said he wanted to cripple the first-in-line heir of the Lightfoot family. Isn’t he worried about the Lightfoot family’s retribution?” 

“How despotic! I thought Master Archimedes was the most noble one among us. I didn’t expect there to be someone who’s not bothered by him hiding in the dark. This really broadened my horizon. My trip to the auction was worth it just to see this!” 

“Didn’t you hear what he said? He said he regretted not crippling Master Archimedes, so it means this is not their first time meeting each other. Other than that, Master Archimedes suffered a huge blow the last time they met. What a savage! Master Archimedes is finally going to suffer today!” 

“Since he can force Master Archimedes to this stage, I can only say four words, what a mad lad!” 

“My friend, please accept my admiration. I admire you so much!” 

“Do you think you can call him that? He’s a savage who isn’t even scared of the Lightfoot family. You can’t claim higher class connections with him.” 

Everyone was talking among themselves, and the scene immediately became noisy. 

As Archimedes heard that, the expression on his face became more and more unpleasant. 

He wanted to chop David into pieces now. 

Archimedes flew into another rage, and this time, it was more intense than the last. 

He glared at David and spat through gritted teeth. 

“David, you’re asking for it!” 

When Archimedes was about to lose control, he felt a hand on his shoulder. 

“Master, calm down. A little neglect may breed great mischief. It seems the other party knows you very well and he’s triggering you. He wants you to attack him so that the Fellowes family will cause trouble for us. If that happens, the seniors will be disappointed in you. That way, you might lose your position as the heir. Furthermore, we’re at Treasure Trove’s auction and he’s a guest, so the Fellowes family will not stand idly by and watch us attack him,” Bernard whispered. 

“I know! Uncle Bernard, I will make him pay after this auction,” Archimedes tried his best to suppress his anger and said. 

“You don’t need to say a word. I will take him down the second the auction ends. Then, I’ll hand him to you so that you can torture him however you want.” 

Bernard’s words pulled Archimedes back from the brink of an outburst. 

He had been living for so long and this was definitely the angriest, most indignant, and most humiliated he ever felt in his life. 

If he did not tear David into pieces, he would never live this down. 

So many people here were waiting for Archimedes to blow up. 

In the end, he managed to control himself. 

‘What’s going on?” 

They did not understand. 

As the first-in-line heir of the Lightfoot family, how could Archimedes endure getting humiliated by a young kid in front of so many people? 

‘Is this a joke? 

‘Or is Master Archimedes scared of who David is? 

‘Is that why he only dares to yell back but not take action?” 


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