I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1741

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1741–To stop Archimedes from acting on his rage and causing things to escalate to an uncontrollable stage. Bernard contemplated for a very long time before deciding to take Archimedes away. 

The price of the Hammer of Thunder was 10 times more than its original value. If Master Achi called out another price, it would only continue to rise. 

This premium was unreasonable 

Even if Master Archi won and bought it, he would still become the laughing stock of the outside world. 

Everyone would talk about him whenever they were gossiping, “Was Archimedes dropped on his head when he was born? He bought a mid-level Soulbound Weapon for 10 times its price just because he wanted to win? He’s the embodiment of having only money and no brains. 

The most important thing was that they simply could not take out so much money now. When that happened, they would need the family to clean up their mess 

After weighing the pros and cons, Bernard figured he could not sit idly by. 

Since he could not talk Archimedes out of this, he should just knock him out and take him away! 

He believed that Archimedes would thank him when he woke up. 

If he decided to get another protector after this, Bernard would not be disappointed. Instead, he would feel glad 

This was because he would get into trouble sooner or later if he continued to follow a master who was ruled by his emotions 

It would be better to get himself out of this as soon as possible. 

Bernard believed that the family would not make things hard for him since he was a late Sovereign Ranker. 

Moreover, he was doing this for the sake of Master Archi and also the family’s reputation. 

Archimedes was knocked out by his protector, so this meant the crazy bidding was finally coming to a stop. 

David glared at Bernard, feeling p*ssed on the inside 

He thought he could get more lavish points. 

After being triggered by what he said, Archimedes was about to name another price. 

However, the old late Sovereign Ranker beside him stopped him in time. 

At the same time, David wondered, ‘Isn’t Archimedes the eldest son and also the first-in-line heir? 

“How dare a protector that was tasked to protect him knock him out? 

“Miss Fellowes, Master Archi was a little triggered today, so he lost control of his emotions. I’m sorry! I’M leave with him first. Don’t worry. We’ll pay for the things we bid on just now according to the final price 

After Bernard said that, he left with Archimedes before Alba could say anything. 

This farce finally ended. 

Even though David was not happy, the result today far exceeded his expectations. 

His goal was 13000 lavish points so that he could break through to partial Saint Realm. 

In the end, he got 113000 lavish pints. He could even break through to Saint Realm now. 

Humans could not be too greedy. Enough was as good as a feast. 

David was very happy to be able to get into Saint Realm in just one step. 

After Archimedes left, David said, “Miss Fellowes, since Archimedes has left, no one will bid against me anymore, right? Should you announce the winner of the Hammer of Thunder now?” 

Alba came back to her senses after hearing that. 

She had seen scenes of people bidding against each other like David and Archimedes before 

Moreover, it always happened. 

When two opposing forces met in an auction, they would want to suppress the other party and win. This was very normal. 

Most of the time, the organizer would consider this whenever they sent out invitation cards. 

They would invite a lot of opposing forces who shared conflicts to attend. 


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