The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1544

Chapter 1544

The patriarch of the Collins family, William Collins, was holding a coffee pot in his hand and was smiling as he poured the middle-aged man in front of him a cup of coffee.

If it was not Hanson, whom Sean had met earlier during the day, who else would it be?

“I’ve visited Joules Town’s Martyrs’ Memorial Garden. I met many of my old subordinates and comrades… How time flies! Before I knew it, I’ve been in the army for more than 20 years.”

Hanson said with a smile, picking up his coffee cup.

William nodded repeatedly. After exchanging a few pleasantries, he said cautiously. “Commander Lupin, now that you’re in Joules Town, I’d like to invite you to see someone.”

“Who is it?”

Hanson looked puzzled.

William smiled and said, “He’s called Sean Lennon and is Colin Langdon’s adopted son. He’s pretty capable. As soon as he arrived in Joules Town, he founded Lennon Group and toppled Billion Trees Group, a local conglomerate. He eclipses everyone, leaving all affluent families in Joules Town with no choice but make way for him…”

William went on talking without noticing that Hanson’s expression had become odd.

“This young man’s capable and ambitious. I think he’s worth meeting.”

William paused before looking intently at Hanson, waiting for an answer.

If Hanson agreed, William would have done Sean a great favor, and the bad blood between the Collins family and Sean would be erased.

However, to William’s surprise, Hanson burst out laughing.

“Does this Sean Lennon you’re talking about have a subordinate named Zander Young?”

Hanson asked with a smile.

“Yes, how do you know… Have you met him already?”

William was indeed the astute patriarch of the Collins family, and Hanson had guessed it before he had spoken.

“Yes, I did. I saw him at Martyrs’ Memorial Garden today with a large group of children, paying respects to the martyrs, so I talked to him.”

Hanson said, nodding.

William’s expression instantly turned ghastly.

Hanson went on saying, “I also gave him some help. I’m sure he will be leaving Joules Town soon!”

William’s expression grew even ghastlier.

“Commander Lupin, since you already met Sean, pretend I said nothing. Hahaha…”

William looked like he could not be more embarrassed!

Hanson left half an hour later.

No sooner had he stepped out of the Collins family door than William summoned his youngest son,

Chapter 1544

Jacob, and anxiously ordered, “Hurry! Prepare the car! We’re going to Queen Children’s Orphanage!”

“Now? It’s almost 10 PM…”

“Cut the crap!”

William badly wanted to kick Jacob to vent his anger and anxiety.

Hanson had already met Sean and offered to help him, so there was nothing the Collins family could do.

Sean was already unstoppable with Hanson’s help. If they did not restore the Collins family and Sean’s relationship, Sean would leave Joules Town and they would have nothing!

William did not want to make a mistake that would make a formidable enemy for the Collins family!

The latest silver-gray BMW sped out of the Collins family house’s compound and headed toward Queen Children’s Orphanage.

In the car, William felt an intense regret, and he said to himself, “Why couldn’t I tell Sean is this capable? Did he play dumb to take advantage of me?”

“Dad, don’t worry so much…”

“Hanson was one of my trump cards. How can I not worry now that it’s gone?”

William could not help slapping Jacob on the head.


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