I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1742

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1742–However, it was normally never as intense as the one today. 

They increased the price by 200 billion, 300 billion, and even 500 billion. In the end, it directly increased by 

1 trillion. 

Alba had hosted and attended a lot of auctions, but she had never seen this before 

She had never even heard of it. 

This was too exaggerated! 

That was real money! 

As the third young mistress of Treasure Trove, Alba could only use a few trillion Star Dollars. She would not be allowed to use more than that. 

However, David spent 11 trillion. 

Perhaps only a disciple of a Sacred Saint had the power to do that. 

“Are you sure you want to spend 11 trillion on the Hammer of Thunder, Master David?” Alba asked. 

“Of course! Miss Fellowes, even though the price of the hammer was raised so high because of my fight. with Archimedes, so many people are watching and I value my prestige. I will pay the final price of 11 trillion Star Dollars, and not a penny less,” David states righteously. 

“But ” 

“No buts. Miss Fellowes, even though we’re friends in private, this is business. You are the host of the 

auction while I’m a bidder.” 

“Fine. Since you said that, there’s nothing more I can say. Is there anyone who wants to bid? Master David bid on the Hammer of Thunder, a mid-level Soulbound Weapon, for 11 trillion Star Dollars. If there’s no 

one else, I will announce that this hammer is sold to Master David at 11 trillion Star Dollars.” Alba looked 

at the other people in the room. 

The scene was silent 

Only a fool would bid. 

It was not worth buying a mid-level Soulbound Weapon for 11 trillion Star Dollars. Not even if it was 


The premium was too high. 

Only rich kids like David and Archimedes would raise the price so high. 

“If there’s no one, I will make the announcement. 

“Hammer of Thunder, a mid-level Soulbound Weapon 

“11 trillion going once! 

*11 trillion going twice! 

“11 trillion going thricel 


After Alba announced that, the scene went into an uproar. 

“Damn! I didn’t come to this auction in vain. I watched Archimedes, the first in-line of the Lightfoot family. get destroyed by someone else with money. What a miracle!” 

“Right? Everyone in the Central Sacred Continent knows about the Lightfoot family’s wealth. They’re the owner of Splendor! Master David is so amazing. He’s my idol” 

“He spent 11 trillion Star Dollars for a mid-level Soulbound Weapon. All hail Master David!” 

Cheers erupted from the scene. 

Even though they were saying how amazing, bad’ss, and domineering David was, they were all mocking 

David in their hearts. 

This kid is just a spendthrift. 

Will his master slap him to death after he finds out? 

David did not care if they were just praising him on the surface and mocking him on the inside. 

He only cared about one thing, and that was completing this transaction with Treasure Trove as soon as possible 


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