I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1747

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1747–After the transaction, David took his four treasures and bid farewell to Alba and Valerio.

He did not have time to check his system, so he did not know if he had gotten the lavish points.

If the Hammer of Thunder was worth more than 11 trillion Star Dollars, he would surely get all of the lavish points.

However, if it was not, then he would only get the lavish points equivalent to its true price.

This was crucial to David.

This would determine if he would be in partial Saint Realm or skip realms to go straight to Saint Realm and Pre-Saint Rank.

However, David figured that since the system said the God of Thunder Hammer was one of the top three Ancient Weapons, it must be very valuable.

According to the market price of Star Kingdom, 11 trillion Star Dollars was not enough for a high-level Soulbound Weapon.

Since it was one of the top three Ancient Weapons, the God of Thunder Hammer would surely be worth

more than a high-level Soulbound Weapon even if it was damaged.

Therefore, there was a huge possibility that David would get all of the lavish points.

Alba and Valerio could tell that David was in a hurry, so they did not stop him.

After hurrying back to his room, David closed the door and used his mind power to keep an eye on his surroundings in case someone barged into his room suddenly.

Once he was done, he impatiently opened his system.

[Host: David Lidell

[Balance: 9985701990000000 Star Dollars

[Body: Sovereign level 6 (You may upgrade one level using 1000 lavish points)

[Mind: Sovereign level 1 (You may upgrade using 1000 lavish points)

[Combat: Eternal Realm Mid-Sovereign Ranker

[Combat Skills: Void Punch (Perfection), Air Crushing Slap (Perfection), Evil-Splitting Sword Technique ( Perfection)

[Skills: Ancient Traditional Medicine (Perfection)

[Lavish Points: 113900]

When David saw the balance of his lavish points, a huge surprise shot out from his eyes.

At the same time, he let out a deafening laugh.


After laughing to his heart’s content, he calmed himself down.

Luckily he had blocked out his room with his mind power, if not, the people from Treasure Trove would surely come to check on him after hearing that.

Indeed, just as he expected, the God of Thunder Hammer was worth more than 11 trillion.

Now, he had gotten all of the lavish points, so he could increase his strength.

Now that he was in Star Kingdom, he truly understood the importance of strength.

Even though he already knew that his strength was the foundation when he was on Earth and in the Milky Way, he was very low-profile and had never experienced the crisis of death.

However, Nek gave him an initial show of strength the moment he came to Star Kingdom.

If his mind power was not strong enough, he would have long been turned to ashes.

It was because he experienced the crisis of death before Nek and saw Celeste’s teacher banishing her to the ice cavern that he decided to increase his strength in a short time.

When he was a True Saint, he would go to the Simmons continent to seek revenge against Nek.

After that, he would go on to Sacred Saint Rank, save Celeste from the Iridescent Sect, and take Celia and the others away.

He would need to do those things step by step.

Now, he needed to break through to Saint Realm and become a Pre-Saint.

‘Nek, you scoundrel, prepare yourself for me at the Simmons Continent. Soon, I will let you know how it feels to have someone control your fate,’ David thought to himself.

Nek was a knot in David’s heart.

Back then, he never experienced the fear of being killed at any time.

If Nek had not insisted on crushing David’s skull back then, David would not have lived until now.

His mind power could only protect his head but not his entire body.

Now, Nek did would have another chance.

He had lost his best opportunity to kill David.

‘I wonder if Nek the scoundrel will regret not killing me when I show up at the Simmons Continent. ‘Perhaps I was just an ant to him at that time.’


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