I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1746

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1746–Alba let out a sigh of relief on the inside. 


She turned to close the door and then sat down next to the two. 

“Grandpa Val, Master David, what are you talking about?” Alba was curious 


“It’s nothing. Mr. Valerio asked me here to talk about some domestic trivia. Right, Miss Fellowes, is the auction over After David answered the question, he asked again. 

“Yes, it’s over. The bidding process for the final few items went smoothly and it was not as exciting as your bidding against Archimedes. Master David, you’ve started something new. You’ll be written into the history of auctions.” 

“Stop mocking me, Miss Fellowes. I know what I’ve done. I think everyone is mocking me now. However, Archimedes is still too weak to climb over my head, I can’t stand him considering himself the top dog in the world.” 

“Don’t misunderstand, Master David, I’m not trying to mock you,” Alba quickly explained. 

“It’s fine. I never care about what people think of me. It’s none of my business what other people think or say about me. I just need to do my own thing.” David said indifferently 

“You have such a good attitude, David. No wonder you have such great achievements at such a young age,” Valerio praised. 

Judging from how Alba treated David, Valerio was almost sure that this young man was related to the opportunity Alba mentioned. 

Moreover, David was so calm after offending Archimedes. He was not worried about the Lightfoot family seeking revenge against him and even a partial Saint like Valerio could not see through him, 

Valerio was sure that David was not a simple person. 

“Who’s his master? 

‘Could it be 

“Mr. Valerio, Miss Fellowes, the auction is over, so can we complete the transaction?” David asked expectantly. 

“Since you’ve said that, you must be impatient to see your treasures. Please wait, I’ll ask the staff to send you your treasures now,” Valerio said. 

Thank you, Mr. Valerio. Even though I bid on the Hammer of Thunder because I was fighting Archimedes, I do like that mid-level Soulbound Weapon a lot. It’s not easy to come across something I like. You can’t get something like that no matter how much you pay for it. To be honest, the Hammer of Thunder is more important than a high-level Soulbound Weapon” 


“I never expected you to be so temperamental and bold to pay such a high price for something you like. To be honest, I wouldn’t even dare to be as wilful as you as the head of Treasure Trove.” 

After Valerio gave out the order, the staff of Treasure Trove brought the four treasures David bid into the room not long after. 

David did not pay attention to what the previous three items were. He only figured that the price was right, and that the price was much higher than what was sold in the first phase, so he bid on them. 

The three items cost 298 billion, so each of them was less than 100 billion on average. 

The price of the fourth item, the Hammer of Thunder, skyrocketed to 11 trillion Star Dollars. 

The four items totaled 11 trillion 298 billion. 

The four items were laid on the table inside the room. 

“David, please check if these are the treasures you had bid on,” Valerio looked at David and asked. 

“I don’t need to, Mr. Valerio Treasure Trove is one of the top five trading companies, so I believe your won’t do anything to ruin your reputation. Plus, I’m friends with Miss Fellowes. Even if I don’t trust you, I trust her to not lie to me,” David said excitedly. 

He was finally going to get the lavish points. 

He could taste Saint Realm and David was ecstatic. 

Valerio saw his expression and was confused. 

Why is he so excited about a mid-level Soulbound Weapon with his identity? 

‘Even if he likes the Hammer of Thunder, he doesn’t need to be so excited, right?” 

However, Valerio did not perform an in-depth investigation. 

“If that’s the case, let’s complete the transaction. David, please transfer the money to Treasure Trove’s public account. After you’re done, they’re yours.” 

“Okay,” David answered quickly 

He used the system to transfer 11 trillion 298 billion Star Dollars to Treasure Trove’s public account. 

The transaction was completed in a blink of an eye 

“You’re such a straightforward person, David. They are now yours,” Valerio said with a grin. 

Even though he knew David would not bid for fun, Valerio could not help lamenting when he saw the money arriving in the account. 

‘This kid is so f*cking loaded. 

Judging from his performance, he definitely has more than 11 trillion.” 



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