I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1755

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1755–Valerio’s thinking was simple.

If David had a Sacred Saint master and he was willing to help the Fellowes family escape from the Palmore family’s control, the Fellowes family would say yes no matter what price they had to pay.

According to what David said, he and his master would stay in seclusion.

Even if they suddenly wanted to come out of hiding to promote their sect, it would take a very long time until that happened.

The Fellowes family would have a lot of time to try to fix things during that period.

This was unlike with the Palmore family, a family that had already developed. The latter did not give the Fellowes family enough time.

If they relied on David’s master, it would at least help prolong the Fellowes family’s lifespan.

On the other hand, if they continued letting the Palmore family control them, they would soon lose control of Treasure Trove.

The most important thing was that even if the Fellowes family was willing to part with Treasure Trove, the Palmore family still might not spare them.

Everyone knew that one had to eliminate the problem completely

Even if the Palmore family spared the Fellowes family on the surface, they would still hinder their development from the dark.

Especially the Saints in the Fellowes family. If the Palmore family decided to attack, they surely would not let them survive.

Therefore, it was very important right now to make sure that David’s master was a Sacred Saint.

The two came to David’s door soon.

Knock knock knock!

Alba knocked on David’s door.

“Miss Fellowes, Mr. Valerio, please come in.”

David’s voice said from the inside.

Alba pushed open the door and stood on one side. She then gestured to Valerio and said, “Grandpa Val, after you.”

Valerio did not waste any time walking into the room.

At this moment, David was sitting next to the table. He had already brewed some tea for the two.

“Please sit,” David said.

After Alba and Valerio entered the room, they were surprised when they saw David.

They just parted ways with him, but right now, the David they saw by the table and the David who left just now seemed like two different people.

However, they could not put a finger on what was different.

It was just a feeling.


The two did not overthink and walked straight to the table to sit down.

Valerio was wondering how he should confirm David’s identity. He wanted to see if he was a Sacred Saint’s disciple, so he did not have time to check the changes in David.

On the other hand, Alba was too weak so she could only rely on her intuition. She simply felt that David was a little different.

“Mr. Valerio, Miss Fellowes, please have some tea. I don’t know much about tea brewing, so please put up with me.”

David said with a smile. After that, he got up and poured some tea for the two.

David was in a good mood after breaking through to Saint Realm.

Moreover, Alba played a huge role in helping him reach Saint Realm so quickly.

Therefore, he was very grateful to Alba.

“Thank you, Master David.”

“You’re too modest, David.”

Alba and Valerio said at the same time.

Then, the two took a sip of the tea.

‘Hmm, this is indeed pretty bad.

“It’s not that he doesn’t know much about tea, it’s more like he doesn’t know anything about tea!”

However, this was not the point. They were not here for tea.

David took a sip, but he figured he did a good job.

“May I know why you’re here?” David asked after putting down his teacup.


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