Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2927 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2927 By verygoodnovel-But before the matter was clear, he had to go to that hotel to investigate.

Hayden called the driver to drive.

After the car drove out, Elliot and Avery looked at each other.

“My son just came back and didn’t take a good rest. Where is he going?” Elliot was very curious.

Avery: “I don’t know! It seems that he has something on his mind.”

“I can see it too. Especially after I said that the child is not mine, but maybe his and Robert’s, he seems to have stopped talking.” Elliot had doubts in his heart when he said this.

“Do you think the child belongs to Hayden?” Avery asked, “Do you think this is possible?”

“Why isn’t this possible? Then you still doubt me! I’m in front of you every day, don’t you know what I do every day? Hayden only comes back a few times a year? Why can’t you doubt him?” Elliot remembered being hurt the day before and still felt a little pain in his heart when he suspected various scenes of being left out.

Although Avery allowed him to sleep in the master bedroom last night, the hurt in his heart did not disappear so easily.

“Then what do you think? My son is already in his twenties. Even if he really had a child with a woman outside, I can’t say him! Can he have the same nature as you?” Avery said. She stood at the door and looked outside, “I’ll ask him when he comes back.”

“I’ll go and see the child.” Elliot now thought of the child as his grandson, so he didn’t hate that child so much.


at hotel.

Hayden went directly to the manager of the room department, trying to find out the female employee who provided him with ice water on the night of Layla’s wedding.

“Mr. Tate, do you really want to find that employee? I have to check the shift schedule ten months ago, but I may not be able to find it.” The manager was a little embarrassed, “In fact, the turnover of Our guest room department is relatively higher than that of the entire group. Because the work of the housekeeping department is relatively hard, and the salary level is average.”

“You didn’t even check, so you tell me that you can’t find it?” Hayden frowned, “Go and check now!”

The room manager immediately nodded, and then asked in fear: “Mr. Tate, can you tell me why you insisted on finding that employee? Did she offend you?”

Hayden: “I’ll tell you after you find her!”

If the woman couldn’t be found, there’s no need to tell about that.

“Okay.” The manager of the room department had an idea, “Mr. Tate, how about I show you the photos of all the staff in our room department. You should still have an impression of the appearance of that employee, right?”

Hayden thought about it for a while.

He no longer had a particularly deep impression of that woman, but if he saw her again, he should be able to recognize her at a glance.

So Hayden nodded.

The manager brought Hayden to his office, turned on the computer, retrieved the information of all the employees in his department, and gave Hayden the location for Hayden to check.

Hayden sat down in the chair and began to check one by one.

Soon, he read the information of all employees.

Not the woman from that night.

“Do you have any information on the employees who have resigned in the past ten months?” Hayden asked, “If there is no woman I am looking for, she must have resigned.”

The manager immediately held the mouse and found a form for resignation personnel.

“The departing staff are all in here.”

Hayden looked at the names in the photos and asked, “Are there no photos of these?”

“Yes, but I have to look for it. I may have deleted it. Do you remember the appearance of that woman? Is it very beautiful? I still remember the appearance of the employees in our housekeeping department, at least within this year.”

“Normal.” Hayden replied.

Hayden’s eyes were higher.

He felt that ordinary-looking women were definitely considered beauties in reality.


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