Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2926 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2926 By verygoodnovel-“Is it possible that you are not virgin anymore?” Layla analyzed, “Didn’t you often attend their parties before? Didn’t you still drink at your parties? Your drinking capacity is not very good. Is it possible that after you were drunk, Those female classmates of yours molested, but you don’t know?!”

Robert: “Ah! Sister! Stop talking! I have goosebumps! We are all serious students, not what you think! That’s against the law, and they definitely wouldn’t dare to do that!”

Layla: “You are too simple. In other words, I think you are a bit stupid. You don’t know that people are sinister. You are protected by your parents too well. This society is very complicated, and school is a small society.”

Robert was desperate: “Sister, please stop talking. I’ll go back and do a paternity test with that child.”

Layla: “Well, you don’t have to be so sad. Mom and Dad are quite happy. If the child is yours, you don’t have to worry, Mom and Dad will help you raise it.”

Layla’s tone softened a lot.

But Robert’s mood was extremely solemn and very, very sad. He didn’t think about whether his parents would blame him at all, but he was thinking–‘When did he lose his virginity, and who was the child’s mother, if the child was truly his?’.

These two things could depress him to death.

After talking on the phone with Robert, Layla suddenly felt better.

Probably the family crisis was resolved.

It makes no difference whether the child belongs to the older or younger brother as long as the child does not belong to the father; it is a happy event!

“Dad, are you really sure that the child is not yours?” Layla was not at ease and confirmed with her father.

Elliot felt that he could catch his breath today: “Why don’t you trust Dad?”

Layla: “It’s not that I don’t want to believe you. Robert said he never touched a woman, he’s really innocent!”

Elliot: “…”

So, the child was not Robert’s.

Elliot immediately turned his attention to Hayden.

“Hayden is even more impossible?” Avery began to have a headache.

She didn’t expect Robert’s innocence to be the same.

When the child is an adult, even if he secretly makes a girlfriend outside, he won’t say anything. But Robert was still as blank as paper.

“I have a headache.” Layla patted her head, “Dad, when will the appraisal result come out?”

Elliot took out his cell phone, but there was no message from the organization, indicating that the result hadn’t come out yet.

Elliot: “Wait a little longer! When the results come out, others will notify me as soon as possible.”

Hayden became more and more uneasy.

After eating, he decided to go out to get some air.

Hayden: “I’m going out for a while.”

“Brother, where are you going? I’ll be with you!” Layla habitually liked to follow Hayden.

She had been Hayden’s follower since she was a child. Even now that she had grown up and started a family, she still liked to follow Hayden.

“You stay at home. I’ll be back soon.” Hayden refused.

Because Hayden planned to go to the hotel where Layla held the wedding before.

Robert would not lie to his family. That child could not have belonged to Robert and his father was sure that the child was not his, so…

If this child really belonged to their family, it could only be his.


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