Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2925 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2925 By verygoodnovel-“If that child belongs to Robert, it’s actually not a big deal.” Elliot touched his nose to hide his inner joy, “There’s nothing wrong with holding a grandson early.”

Avery’s face flushed with a ‘shua’.

Hold grandson early.

She…became a grandma.

This incident made her feel very complicated.

When she looked in the mirror every day, she felt young.

It was part of her wish for Hayden to wed, but she never imagined becoming a grandmother at such a young age.

“When Robert comes back later, don’t blame him.” Elliot felt that this was not a bad thing, but something to be happy about.

“Is that why you want to hold your grandson so much?” Avery glared at Elliot.

Elliot’s cheeks were slightly red, and his face was radiant: “Don’t you think so? If that child is really Robert’s child, don’t you like it?”

Avery: “…”

It’s terrible!

She never thought that Robert would have a child now.

In her eyes, Robert was still a child.

But thinking about it now, if that child was Robert’s child, of course she would like it very much.

Layla called Robert several times, but Robert didn’t answer.

Robert was in class now, and the phone mode had been adjusted to silent.

But Robert saw her sister’s call.

After Robert hung up the phone, he sent a message to his sister: [Sister, I am in class! What’s the matter!]

Layla: [Is that child yours?]

Robert: [Ah! What are you talking about, sister! Do you know what you’re talking about Ahhh!]

Layla: [Stop it! Come back after class! Dad said that the child is definitely not his, but the child is like ours, so the child can only be yours!]

Robert fainted!

This thing was really too big!

He took his textbook and schoolbag and stood up.

“Teacher, something urgent happened at my house, I have to go back quickly!” After reporting the situation to the teacher on the podium, Robert immediately left the classroom.

Coming out of the classroom, Robert immediately dialed her sister’s number.

“Didn’t you say you were in class? Get out of class is over now?” Layla asked after answering the phone.

“No, I just asked for leave. What did you say in the message you sent me! Sis, I think I’m still a child. Why do you say that child is mine? Did the paternity test come out?” Robert was anxious.

“The paternity test has not come out. But now we suspect that the child is yours.” Layla pointed out, “How could Dad betray Mom? I think it is impossible after thinking about it carefully. So this child is probably yours!”

Robert: “Ah… this is impossible! Sis, do I look like the kind of person who messes around? I haven’t had a girlfriend before, so how could I have a child?”

“You didn’t have a girlfriend, did your brother have a girlfriend? My brother doesn’t even have a female animal, let alone a woman! But you, there are many beautiful female classmates around you! You often attend their parties!”

“No! Since my little sister came back to our house, I seldom attended their parties. Didn’t I want to accompany my little sister?” Robert felt that he was too wrong. In order to prove his innocence, he had a plan. “How about I do a paternity test with that child?”

Layla didn’t even think about it, and replied: “Okay! Then you come back now and have an appreciation with the child.”

Robert: “Okay.”

After saying this word, Robert frowned, feeling confused and inexplicable.

“Sister, I’m still a virgin! I haven’t touched a woman; how can I have a child?” Robert suddenly remembered this important matter.

Layla was also confused: “Are you sure?!”

Robert: “How can I still lie? I will lie to no one and I will not lie to my family members! I have never touched a woman before!”

Layla took a deep breath and began to rack her brains to figure out what the problem was.


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