I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2624

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2624-Of course, there was an even better result.

The two Heavenly Overlords dying together.

However, this possibility was too low.

So low that it was negligible.

It was only possible when one of them was a great Almighty, someone beyond Heavenly Overlord Rank.

After all, all powerhouses that reached Heavenly Overlord Rank had some secret method or trump cards.

So, two Heavenly Overlords on the same level would not die together.

No one wanted to die. So they would stop when they were heavily injured and retreat on their own.

Sylvio did not want Lufian to die with the Robotias. He just wanted both to lose.

So there would be buffer time for Leila and a chance for David to grow.

This was the first time he experienced a backlash when he was casting Zwei Arithmetics, so one could imagine how much Sylvio valued David.

After giving him enough time, Syvio believed that David would not be too inferior to Lufian.

Even if Lufian had the universe’s very rare dual souls.

To prove his guess, Sylvio stared at the giant black hole for a long time. In the end, he clenched his teeth and went inside.

He wanted to go to the center to look at the traces left by the battle between Heavenly Overlords.

Then, he would use that to determine the result.

The two involved were Heavenly Overlords so Sylvio did not need to use Zwei Arithmetics to predict it as it would be useless.

They were much stronger than him so even if he got a result, it would not be accurate and might affect his decision.

The closer he got to the center of the black hole, the greater the mass and the stronger the energy. An ever-present suction was pulling everything within the black hole.

This suction force did not pose much of a threat to Sylvio at first, but as he slowly went deeper, he gradually felt the horror.

Even a partial Heavenly Overlord like Sylvio had to be careful. He did not dare to be careless at all.

Since this black hole was so huge, the force of the explosion at that time would be enough to kill Sylvio, a partial

Heavenly Overlord.

After coming to the center of the black hole, Sylvio had no choice but to use all of his force to stop the terrifying


Once he was sucked in, he would be compressed and sliced by countless overlapping spaces. Even if he was lucky enough to survive, he would be transported to another space and time.

No one knew where they would be transported to.

If they were lucky, they would be transported to somewhere suitable for living. Then, they would survive and find their way home slowly.

If they were not lucky, they would be transported to a horrible place or a forbidden area in the universe. They would have never known how they died.

Even if Sylvio was a partial Heavenly Overlord and was at the peak of level 9 civilization Leila, a partial Heavenly Overlord was just average in the universe.

Only Heavenly Overlords could be considered the true powerhouses. They could move unhindered across the universe and would be respected by all civilizations in the universe.

On the other hand, the great Almighty was a big shot of the universe.

No matter where they went, they would cause a sensation.

As Sylvio felt the terrifying power in the center of the black hole, his face was filled with horror.

This was the first time he faced the full power of a Heavenly Overlord, and he felt so powerless.

Was this the power of a Heavenly Overlord?

Indeed, it was not comparable to a partial Heavenly Overlord at all.

No wonder he had no resistance in front of Lufian and could only be killed.

This difference was too big.

Sylvio even felt that if he was here, he would be killed just from the power of the explosion.

“A Heavenly Overlord’s full power is so terrifying. How horrifying. This is not something we can resist,” Sylvio murmured to himself.


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