I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2625

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2625-In fact, Sylvio did not know that this huge black hole was not formed by the full-force collision of the two Overlords.

Instead, it was formed because Mother detonated the energy it accumulated after devouring multiple civilizations.

That power was no less powerful than a Heavenly Overlord’s self-destruction.

Mother had not yet reached Heavenly Overlord Rank. Like Sylvio, it was just a partial Heavenly Overlord.

However, it had a treasure bestowed by the great Almighty so it could rely on its partial Heavenly Overlord strength to fight against a real Heavenly Overlord.

Of course, this kind of fighting came at a price.

The treasures from a great Almighty were not so easy to control. While Mother fought, it was also exhausting its life.

In the end, with no way out, Mother chose to drag Lufian down and die with her.

However, who would have thought that, even though Lufian had only just stepped into Heavenly Overlord Rank, he was much more powerful than an ordinary Heavenly Overlord?

After going berserk, both his strength and physical strength were raised to a higher level.

Even so, Lufian was seriously injured and had to stay in seclusion to recuperate.

The explosion was so powerful at that time, that even a Heavenly Overlord might be blown to death if he was not careful, let alone a partial Heavenly Overlord.

So, one could see how strong Mother’s destination was.

Even Lufian could not deliver such a powerful blow.

Sylvio, who came to the center of the black hole, felt the energy fluctuations left over from the battle, and that frightened him.

With Sylvio’s reasoning abilities, he could roughly understand the situation at that time by working backward.

That was why he was shocked and scared.

It was impossible for a partial Heavenly Overlord to survive. Even a Heavenly Overlord would suffer in the center of the explosion.

This made Sylvio more certain of his guess.

Lufian must have been injured and had to stay in seclusion to recuperate. It was likely that he was badly injured.

After getting the answer he wanted, Sylvio breathed a sigh of relief and turned to leave.

Lufian probably would not return to Leila in the short term.

In the coming time, everyone needed to work together and be prepared.

First, he would ask David to come to Leila as soon as possible and then help Elora restore her body.

After completing these two things, Sylvio was ready to properly educate David.

Talent and luck were indispensable since, coming from a low -level civilization, he was able to reach this point.

With proper guidance, it might be possible for him to enter the true Heavenly Overlord Rank before Lufian returned.

After exiting the black hole, Sylvio headed in the direction of Leila and crossed the barrier. After arriving at Leila, he sent Leila’s location to David’s communication device. At the same time, he attached a message asking David to come as soon as possible.

Then he set up the arrays Elora needed to restore her body and waited for David to arrive.

David was on his way at this time.

The surrounding space was constantly transforming.

David was like a time traveler.

Only Overlords could travel like this, ignoring the constraints of space.

He was much faster than he was in the highest twelvedimensional space.

Because of the system, no matter where David was, he could receive messages from others almost instantly.

Even black holes were no exception.

David glanced at it and ignored it.

He had determined Leila’s direction already and would wait until he reached Leila’s vicinity.

The territory of a level 9 civilization was quite large. Even if he reached the border, there was still a long way to go.


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