I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2626

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2626-The Elven Forest of Five Continent was where the Elves lived.

Five Continent was also the most central and largest in Leila.

Not only did countless races live on it, but there were also statues of the five Leila Overlords, more commonly known as the five Leila rulers.

Every day, countless creatures came from all corners of Leila to worship the five Leila rulers.

Five Continent was divided into five areas, south, east, north, west, and middle, which respectively represent the five common elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

The Elven Forest was located at the southernmost edge of Five Continent, occupying a small corner in the area representing the wood attribute.

The Elves were also a race that Leila was famous for.

It was not that they were very powerful. Instead, the Elven women were so beautiful that they were pursued by Leila’s numerous forces.

Especially the younger generation of the major forces.

Whoever had two Elven maids would become the most outstanding in their circle.

Among the younger generation, those who could be rewarded with Elven women were either heirs or direct descendants who had made great contributions to their forces.

In the past, Elven women were the favorite targets of the underground forces.

An Elven woman could be sold for a very high price in the underground trading world.

There was nothing the Elves could do about this.

Their overall strength was not enough, and they did not have a strong backer to stand up for them, so they could only reduce the scope of their activities by staying together as much as possible.

Yet, even this could not stop those who wanted to get rich.

It was said that at one time, tens of thousands of Elven women who were gathered together were taken over by a force at the same time.

It caused a huge sensation.

Subsequently, many Elven women appeared in Leila’s various underground auctions.

That force made a lot of money from this.

The Elves were furious about this.

Losing tens of thousands of clan members was also a huge loss to them.

After spending a lot of money, they learned that the people who attacked them were the Vingeans who also lived in the wood attribute southern area of Five Continent.

The Elven Queen went to the Vingeans to demand an explanation, but they refused to admit it.

They asked the Elves to provide evidence.

However, where would the Elves find the evidence?

They even bought this news at a huge price.

In the end, the Elven Queen attacked the Vingeans with hatred but was seriously injured by the head of the Vingeans.

Then, she abdicated.

Then, the queen who changed the fate of the Elves, Isa took over the position of the Elven Queen.

After taking office, Isa began drastic reforms.

Firstly, the Elves could not stick to one place. They had to go out and get in touch with the outside world.

The first thing Isa did was to visit Leila’s major forces and give them the Elven Forest’s unique Water of Eternity, Fountain of Youth, and Elven women.

This won her the favor of those big forces.

Rather than being secretly spied on and quietly abducted, it would be better to just give some women away openly.

At first, Isa’s idea was opposed by almost the entire clan.

After all, who would want to give their people to those big families as playthings?

They could not do anything if they were caught, but if they were sent out, wouldn’t they become the sinners of the entire clan?

However, Isa insisted on doing things her way.

She implemented her plan under tremendous pressure.

No matter how her clan looked at her or scolded her behind her back, Isa endured it silently.

She believed that as long as she persisted in her ideas, she could change the status quo of the Elves. That would then allow them to go out in an upright manner without worrying about being caught like prey.


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