I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2627

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2627–In the early stages of reform, Isa received many doubts, objections, and even curses behind her back.

After all, giving her people to those big forces as playthings was not what the Queen of the Elves should do.

Elven Queens throughout the ages had always taken it as their duty to protect the Elves.

Only Isa wanted to send everyone out and push them into the fire pit.

However, it was not easy for the Elves to overthrow Isa.

After all, she had the Elves’ inherited treasure, and as long as she did not give it up voluntarily, there was nothing they could do about it.

Isa ignored this completely.

She insisted on implementing her plan under great pressure.

She knew that if she wanted to change the fate of the Elves, she must rise after failure.

Instead of letting Leila’s various forces target the Elven women, she would raise the price of Elven women astronomically.

Rather than make the Elves a walking money bag in everyone’s eyes, it would be better to be generous and give them away directly to gain the favor of the major forces.

As for the Elves’ incomprehension, Isa believed that it would not be long before they understood her good intentions.

As Elven Queen Isa began to visit the top forces in Leila and gave away the Water of Eternity, Fountain of Youth, and Elven women, this caused quite a stir in Leila at the time.

On the surface, all the forces were indifferent, but secretly they all wanted to be visited by Elven Queen Isa as this would show that they were recognized by her.

At the same time, they could even get some benefits.

It was simply the best of both worlds.

Of course, prestige was still the main thing.

For example, if one force got a visit from the Elves but another did not, it would mean that they were stronger than other forces.

Prestige was very important to all forces in Leila.

Slowly, all the forces visited by Isa would warmly receive the Elves.

They even said that they would treat Elven women well and become friends with the Elves from then on.

After a while, almost all of Leila’s top forces were bribed by Queen Isa.

They even publicly stated that the Elves would be protected within their sphere of influence and that it was prohibited to capture and sell Elven women. Otherwise, all would be severely punished if discovered.

Although it was impossible to completely ban this kind of thing with huge benefits, at least they could stop 99% of it.

Now things were much better than before.

Even if someone took a desperate risk, they could only do it quietly, not brazenly.

With the statements of all major forces, the Elves could finally leave the Elven Forest without worrying about being captured at anytime.

After getting in touch with the outside world, the Elves began to exchange their specialties for various resources.

Their overall strength was also constantly improving.

The fate of the Elven women sent out was not as miserable as when they were captured and sold.

Some even became concubines of some big shots and enjoyed unlimited glory.

Gradually, the voices questioning Isa became lesser until, one day, they finally disappeared.

From opposition and doubt, to support and admiration.

Isa completely changed her impression among her people and became the queen who changed the fate of the Elves. She would be recorded in the history of the Elves.

However, the Elves also offended some forces.

That was inevitable.

There were so many forces in Leila that it was uncountable.

The Elves could not consider every force and could only choose some of the top ones to make friends with.

Otherwise, it would not be enough even if they sent all the Elven women away.

Isa knew how difficult it was for the Elves to be where they are today.


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