I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2628

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2628-If Isa wanted this to continue, she needed to maintain the relationship with the top forces in Leila.

So every once in a while, Queen Isa would take the Water of Eternity and Fountain of Youth of the Elves, as well as the specially trained Elven women, to visit the major forces in Leila.

The Elves’ once-in-a-century sacrificial ceremony was also an opportunity for the Elves to show their strength to Leila.

All forces in Leila who were friends with the Elves would be invited to participate.

At the same time, it was also to tell those people and forces in Leila who were still secretly spying on Elven women that the Elves were now different.

They would not be manipulated by just anyone.

If they wanted to take action against the Elves, they must be prepared and aware of paying a huge price.

Therefore, the sacrificial ceremony was very important to the Elves.

Preparations would usually start several years in advance, and the Elves would inevitably show a whole new look to Leila’s major forces.

The time for the Elves’ sacrificial ceremony was getting closer and closer.

The whole clan was busy.

Inside the tallest tower, a woman with pointed ears and exuding a mature charm was standing on the top floor, looking at her busy tribe below.

She was Isa, the Elven Queen who changed the fate of the Elves.

Invitations had been sent to all Leila’s major forces, and everyone had replied positively.

The Elves were still not very strong in Leila. They were only average.

However, they had a huge appeal.

The achievements they have today were inseparable from Elven Queen Isa.

If not for her, the Elves might still be living a dark life.

They would still have to worry that some forces would kidnap and sell them to big shots as playthings at any time.

At that time, there would be groups of people wandering the Elven Forest, hoping to make a fortune from Elven women.

If they could catch one, they could get a huge fortune.

It would be better than going on an adventure to look for treasures.

Knock knock knock! Knock knock knock!

Suddenly, a series of rapid knocks on the door could be heard.

Isa, who was deep in thought, frowned.

“Come in!” Isa said.

The door pushed open, and a young woman walked in quickly.

Thud thud thud!

The soles of her feet were in constant close contact with the wooden floor.

The visitor also had a pair of pointed ears and looked somewhat similar to Isa.

However, she was more youthful.

“Mother!” The young woman gasped.

She was the daughter of Elven Queen Isa, the Elven Princess Evie.

Although Isa did not give birth to Evie, Isa raised her. The two practiced a special technique of the Elves, which required frequent teachings so that they shared many genetic similarities.

As a result, Evie looked more and more like Isa.

“Gosh. You look excited. Did something good happen?” Isa turned around and asked, looking at Evie.

“Mothe, I have good news to tell you.” A happy smile beamed from Evie’s face.

“Oh? What’s the good news?” Isa asked curiously.

“Mother, guess!” Evie did not reveal it immediately but kept it secret.


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