Pursuing My Ex-Wife Is not Easy chapter 3085

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Is not Easy chapter 3085-Tara nodded with a smile. “Yes, he’s met you before.”

Luna’s brows furrowed even tighter.

She carefully recalled the people she came into contact with over the past two years, and a frivolous person appeared in her mind.

Luna looked at Tara with disbelief. “Your boyfriend can’t be Christian, right?”

Joshua never had much contact with his mother’s family, the Moore family.

Before meeting Tara, the only person related to the Moore family whom Luna met was Christian.

“Bingo!” Tara grinned and nodded. “You’re indeed my favorite cousin-in-law. You’re sharp and smart!”

For a moment, Luna was stunned by what Tara said.

After a while, she regained her composure and looked at Tara again in disbelief, “So, you, as the adopted daughter of Uncle Devon, are dating the son of Uncle Miles?”

“Do your adoptive father and Christian’s parents know about this?”

Luna’s question caused Tara’s smile to instantly fade.

She lowered her gaze and said with a hint of helplessness,” They don’t know yet.”

“This time round, I came to see you for the design of an engagement gift, and also to help make things right between you and Joshua, to help you both open up.”

“On the other hand, I’d like to ask you and Joshua to help us in a time of need, to go back to the Moore family with us and explain this matter to my father, Uncle Miles, and Aunt Hilda.”

“Before this, Christian secretly tested the waters with Aunt Hilda. She didn’t allow it.”

“She said the Moore family took me in as their daughter, not a child bride.”

“If Christian marries me, it’d become a laughingstock.”

As Tara spoke, she sighed and looked at Luna, “Not only did Christian test his parents, I also tested my father, and he was insistent too. He thinks the brat from his family isn’t worthy of his precious daughter.”

“We don’t dare to make our relationship known, afraid of upsetting the three of our parents.”

Immediately, Luna understood.

She curled her lips and nodded thoughtfully. “So, you talked to Christian about coming to find me, intending for me and Joshua to go with you to the Moore family, to help you resolve this matter and preside over your engagement ceremony, right?”

With that in mind, Luna could also understand why Christian was willing to let Tara accompany Joshua in their act to

make her jealous.

On one hand, Christian, Luna, and Joshua were all familiar with each other and understood the dynamics between

Luna and Joshua.

On the other hand, Christian had a favor to ask of them.


Tara sighed, “Luna, I haven’t told Joshua about all these yet”


“Don’t worry about it.”

Before Luna said anything, Gwen could not help but laugh.” Luna’s a reasonable person, and you’re hers and Joshua’s family. She’ll help you.”

“But what you did to help Joshua make Luna jealous won’t be easily forgotten.”

After that, Gwen blinked at Luna. “Why don’t you and Tara discuss how to turn the tables on Joshua and make him suffer a little?”

Luna remained silent for a moment, then smiled. “Good idea.


‘How can I be the only one suffering from Joshua’s and Tara’s acting?’

‘I can do the same with Tara too!’

“Let’s discuss it then.”

Tara readily agreed. “I’ll surely say yes to you!”

Gwen nodded and was about to discuss further with them. Suddenly, she thought of something and turned her gaze toward Stefan, “Don’t tell Joshua about this, you heard me?”


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