The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4831

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4831-James drew reassurance from those words.

As Zeno said, even if the skeleton turned out to be the remains of an extraterrestrial demon, the two of them were more than capable of subduing it.

While James observed the skeleton, several lines of inscriptions hidden deep in his eyes started glowing slightly.

With the powers of the Dobro Eyes, James spotted numerous faint inscriptions surrounding the skeleton.

Those inscriptions were skillfully hidden in the space around the skeleton and were barely detectable.

After James activated the Dobro Eyes, he could see where each of the inscriptions was positioned.

Also, he noticed that the inscriptions were of obscure, ancient origins.

Fortunately, deciphering the inscriptions was no issue for James.

He got into a seated position and set up a time formation around him at once.

Within the formation, James worked on deciphering the mysterious inscriptions surrounding the skeleton to lift the seal placed around it.

Soon enough, James undid the time formation.

Zeno’s voice was tinged with anticipation as he asked right away, “ How did it go?” James flashed him a broad grin.

“This type of sealing formation is nothing to me.


Watch this.” James raised his palm and conjured countless inscriptions before him.

They were the exact replica of the inscriptions placed around the unidentified skeleton.

As James’ inscriptions floated toward the skeleton and merged with the inscriptions around it, the latter was gradually being dissolved and removed from that space.

Eventually, the sealing formation was destroyed as all of the inscriptions were removed.

Suddenly, two eerie, red balls of light shone in the eye sockets of the skeleton lying on the ground.

The skeleton leaped to its feet the next instant.

A vicious, overwhelming aura emanated from the skeleton almost instantaneously.

James and Zeno were swept several meters away due to the skeleton’s aura as they were caught completely off-guard.

Meanwhile, the skeleton scanned the surroundings and rose up in the air.

Then, it flew toward the sky at an incredible speed.

“Stop right there!” Zeno shouted and quickly went after the skeleton.

Just as Zeno was about to catch up to the skeleton, it turned around abruptly and blasted two laser beams from its eye sockets aiming at Zeno.

Zeno could sense the threatening force of the skeleton’s attack, and he swiftly dodged out of the way.

During that split second, the skeleton managed to break free from the incomplete formation and enter the outside world.

Until just a while ago, several cultivators were gathered around the incomplete formation in the outside world as they tried to study and decipher it.

To their surprise, the formation suddenly fell apart, and a strange- looking skeleton materialized before them at that moment.

Then, the skeleton seemed to have teleported as it vanished right away.

On the other hand, James was staring hard at the place where the skeleton was found earlier.

His eyes narrowed as he walked up to the spot and squatted down.

James was able to detect the residual aura of the mysterious skeleton left on the ground.

‘I can sense a mixture of different powers from the skeleton’s residual aura.

One of them is obviously the power of the extraterrestrial demons.

Another one feels rather familiar…

It is the Eternal Power.

‘Others might not be able to discern it.

However, I’ve learned about the power from the Aeternus Mantra and mastered it.

So, I could sense the presence of the Eternal Power fairly easily.’ James thought.

“Hold on.” James tapped on his jaw.

“Other than the Eternal Power, I could sense the Theos Power too.” “What are you mumbling to yourself there, James?!” Zeno shouted at him, “It’s getting away! We need to go after it now!”


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