The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4832

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4832-James had a pensive look in his eyes.

‘I could sense several types of power from the aura left at the place where we found the skeleton.

The power of the extraterrestrial demons radiated the most prominent and abundant aura, followed by the Eternal Power and Theos Power respectively.

‘Judging by the looks of things, the skeleton is most likely the remains of an extraterrestrial demon.

The traces of the Eternal Power and Theos Power were probably left during a battle with a cultivator who had mastered those powers.

‘So far, none from the Endlos’ Nine Districts has managed to master all of the powers from the different districts.

Even the number-one cultivator in all of Endlos, the sect leader of the Hazeaf District, has only managed to learn and wield parts of the Hazeaf Power from their sacred scroll.’ James pondered.

“James, what’s the matter?” Zeno asked impatiently.

“Take a look at it yourself.

I’ll go after the skeleton now.” James teleported and vanished from the spot instantly.

On the other hand, Zeno moved toward the place where James was examining earlier.

After observing the spot for a while, Zeno’s eyes widened in shock.

James did not chase after the skeleton right away since he was confident in his ability to track down his target.

As long as the skeleton was situated within the range of his awareness, James could easily detect its location through its aura.

James was even able to detect the aura of his target within an area spanning an entire district.

James tried to locate the skeleton through its aura again.

Then, he teleported by using the Blithe Omniscience and reappeared ina place filled with darkness and malicious aura.

‘This strange skeleton keeps trying to run toward this dark and deserted area.

I wonder where it is trying to get to.’ James thought.

As soon as he spotted the skeleton in the distance, James unleashed the Blithe Omniscience and materialized somewhere a few meters before the skeleton, blocking its path.

The skeleton stopped in its tracks as he noticed James.

Two bright red light orbs shone in the skeleton’s eye sockets as it took a few steps backward, seemingly a little intimidated by James.

“James!” Although James had performed the Blithe Omniscience, Zeno managed to catch up to him nonetheless.

He appeared on the other side of the skeleton, sealing off its escape route entirely.

James knew that he should not let his guard down while facing the mysterious skeleton.

He immediately activated the Omniscience Path and initiated the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra.

Then, he focused his concentration on generating six different powers in his body.

With the knowledge of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, James produced an immense force by fusing all six potent powers together.

“That terrifying power of his!” Zeno felt a chill run down his spine as he sensed the overwhelming power generated by James.

Just then, the skeleton conjured a sword made entirely out of bones in its palm.

Then, it rushed toward James at full speed.

Huge gusts of wind were formed as the skeleton raised its sword and swung heavily in James’ direction.

Simultaneously, an endless amount of dark, menacing aura appeared to be sucked from the surroundings toward the skeleton’s sword and directed at James.

James swiftly summoned the Chaos Sword as he detected the threatening powers of the skeleton’s attack.

He unleashed a powerful wave of sword energy the next instant.

However, James was instantly swept back by the collision of their powers as the two swords came into contact.

The skeleton spotted its opportunity and fled away immediately.

James recovered from the shock a brief moment later.

Then, he quickly went after the skeleton again.

After traveling across the ancient battlefield by using the Blithe Omniscience for quite some time, James finally caught sight of the skeleton again.

This time, James activated a complex formation found deep in his mind.


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