The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4833

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4833-A dark, shadow-like figure could be spotted standing above that intricate formation.

The figure was completely black from head to toe with no apparent facial features.

The dark figure materialized before the skeleton the next instant, along with the intricate formation underneath its feet.

As soon as James summoned the figure, a huge shift in the air pressure within that area could be felt instantly.

“what the…?!” Zeno was equally shocked and amazed by the sight of that dark figure.

A few seconds after the figure had appeared, another formation was conjured underneath the skeleton, trapping it at that spot almost instantaneously.

The skeleton tried to break out of the formation with its powers but was to no avail.

While it carried on with its attempts to escape, the dark figure produced by James lifted an arm and prepared to launch an attack at its target.

“Don’t destroy it, James! I want it intact!” Zeno cried out at that very moment.

The dark figure froze in its tracks.

It disappeared right then as James summoned the figure back into his mind.

Zeno teleported and reappeared next to James.

“I know, with the residual auras of several powers left in the skeleton, there’s a huge possibility that the skeleton is a member of the extraterrestrial demons.

However, that is just our speculation for now.

We should investigate more before deciding what to do with it.” “Mhm.” James nodded after a brief pause.

“By the way, what was that signature skill?” Zeno’s eyes twinkled as he stared at the formation produced by James.

“I’ve visited countless ancient ruins and come across various formations.

Yet, this is the first time I’ve seen such an intriguing formation!” James was glowing as he said, “I created the formation myself.

The name of the formation is…” James just realized he hadn’t given any thought to the naming of the formation.

After a brief pause, he continued, “I haven’t decided on a name for it.

I’1] come up with one once I perfect the formation.” Meanwhile, Zeno had walked up to the skeleton to study its structure up close.

He could find various battle marks on its bones.

A few minutes later, Zeno commented, “Just by looking at the bone structure, I could tell that this skeleton belonged to a female.

Moreover, the lady had amazing proportions and a beautiful face even.” James couldn’t help but roll his eyes upon hearing Zeno’s remarks.

The young man stepped closer to the skeleton and raised his palm.

Then, he tried to extract the Eternal Power and Theos Power from the skeleton.

If James were able to do that, that would mean that those two forms of power were left on the skeleton by external sources.

Soon enough, James managed to extract minute amounts of the Eternal Power and Theos Power from the skeleton.

It further confirmed James’ suspicion that the skeleton was a member of the extraterrestrial demons when it was still alive.

“we should destroy this thing.

I never imagined that a member of the extraterrestrial demons could still have such great powers even after being in this state for so long.

It could become a problem if we just leave it be,” James suggested.

“Hear me out first!” Zeno cried, “This skeleton is the perfect material for the creation of a puppet.

If we could turn it into one, we’d instantly get a new helper at the Chaos Rank!” James was intrigued by Zeno’s suggestion.

“Why haven’t I thought about that before? It’s a shame that I have never learned any methods or techniques on how to make puppets, though.” “Leave it to me.” Zeno grinned broadly.

“I have extensive knowledge on the matter.

Just give me a few moments, and I’ll make you a good, useful puppet soon!” The elderly cultivator put up a time formation and several other formations to work on the puppet- making process.

On the other hand, James tried to study the complex formation in his head while waiting for Zeno.

‘This formation carries powers even stronger than the combination of all the six powers.

‘The combination of the six powers almost gave out under the sword attack from the skeleton just now.

Yet, I was able to trap the skeleton with this formation.’ James pondered.


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