The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4834

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4834-James created the formation in his head by referring to the formation he had seen during the Heavenly Tribulation, which took place the same time he had entered the Caelum Acme Rank.

However, the formation he had encountered back then was far superior to the one he made himself.

As for the dark figure, the being was the manifestation of the Dark Path that James had cultivated in the past.

It did not possess any Zen, but James could control it nonetheless.

Surprisingly, the powers of the dark figure were compatible with that of the new formation James had produced.

James believed that by making the formation more advanced, the powers of the dark figure would increase correspondingly too.

“James, it’s not working.” Zeno’s voice was tinged with frustration as he called out to James.

James turned his gaze toward Zeno and spotted a deep frown on the elderly man’s forehead.

Zeno said, “This skeleton is too powerful.

I can’t even start with my process.

I need your help.” James asked, “What do you need me to do?” Zeno explained, “Help me suppress the residual powers of this skeleton so that I can remove the Zen still lingering on the bones.

Once I get rid of most of the Zen, it will be easier for me to work on converting the skeleton into a puppet.” “Alright.” James nodded.

The man started generating the six different powers in his body as he walked toward the skeleton.

Then, James raised his palm and channeled all six powers into the formation trapping the skeleton.

The skeleton threw back its head and let out a shrill scream almost instantaneously.

It struggled violently in an attempt to break free from the contraption restricting its movement.

Zeno quickly lifted his hands and conjured innumerable inscriptions that could act to weaken and remove the residual Zen and soul aura still attached to the skeleton.

The inscriptions flowed toward the skeleton and fused with its bones.

Although Zeno was a skilled and seasoned cultivator, this delicate process was nevertheless extremely time-consuming.

After a very long time, the skeleton gradually lost its strength and stopped struggling at some point.

James dropped his hand and undid his formation around the skeleton.

The skeleton stood before James and Zeno, remaining completely docile.

Even though multiple battle marks were scattered around the skeleton’s bones, the skeleton exuded an aura of authority and elegance as it was glowing faintly with white light all over.

Zeno fixed his gaze on the skeleton.

“Once I turn this amazing skeleton into a puppet, it will be able to unleash the powers of the Chaos Rank.” James detected the time and noticed that an epoch had passed in the outside world whilst they worked on the skeleton within the time formation.

“How long is it going to take for you to finish making the puppet?” James asked.

He was aiming to win first place in the competition for the Boundless Ranking.

Zeno answered, “I need at most an epoch of the outside world.” “Be quick, then.

I need to work on preparing for my plans too.” Zeno resumed the puppet- making process right away.

He tried his best to restore the skeleton to a better condition.

Furthermore, he even used the treasures he had collected from ancient cities and ruins to help produce a powerful puppet.

At long last, Zeno successfully transformed the skeleton into a puppet.

“It’s done, James.” As Zeno snapped his fingers, the skeleton walked toward James and stopped before him.

“Hello, Master.”


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