I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2629

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2629

“It’s rare that something can make you so happy, let me think,” Isa said, pretending to be profound.

“Then think quickly and see if you can guess,” Evie urged.

“Hmm… From what I know about you, you haven’t been this happy since you came back from The Spirit Cage. I’m afraid there is only one person who can do that. Did you get news from David?” Isa asked with a smile.

“Ah? Mother! H-How did you guess so quickly? No fun! No fun! Mother, you are bullying me,” Evie pouted in dissatisfaction.

She wanted to give her mother a surprise but did not expect Isa to find out so quickly.

This made Evie feel her intelligence was insulted.

“Is it difficult? Evie, don’t you know that since you came back, you only smile when we talk about David? You don’t usually smile so happily.”

“R-Really?” Evie blushed stammering.

“Yeah! You just didn’t write ‘I like David’ on your face,” Isa joked.

As the Elven Queen, she should have tried her best to stop her daughter, an Elven Princess, from liking a human.

Because neither the princess nor the queen of the Elves could lose their virginity.

Otherwise, the special skills that the Elves had practiced for many years would be in vain, preventing them from inheriting the ancestral treasure of the Elves. Then, naturally, they would not be able to assume the position of Elven Queen.

However, Isa not only had no intention of stopping her but she even thought about how to bring Evie and David together.

This was because David’s identity might change the fate of the Elves once more.

Even though the Elves had a strong appeal and were doing pretty well now, it was built on the premise of the Elves giving out Water of Eternity, Fountain of Youth, and Elven women to the major forces.

Once they stopped doing that, the Elves would go back to suffering.

Even though the Elves were doing much better than before, Isa was still not satisfied.

She wanted to find a very strong backer.

David would be her target if she wanted authority in Leila without having to socialize with the major forces.

Even if David fancied Isa, she would agree to become his dependent without hesitation for the sake of the Elves, let alone Evie.

To Isa, David’s identity must be shocking since he had a soul power that even she, herself, feared.

“I… I’m not! Mother, you’re such a bully. I don’t want to talk to you anymore,” Evie huffed.

“Alright, alright. I was just joking. Tell me. What did David say?” Isa changed the topic.

Now that they were back on topic, Evie smiled again. She said happily, “Mother, David said he will come to the Elves’ sacrificial ceremony on time.”

“Really? He’s coming?” Isa’s interest was piqued as well.

It would be great if David could come to the sacrificial ceremony.

She believed that with David’s identity, he would deter all the incoming forces.

The Elves would be able to rise to another height then.

“Yeah, he just asked me for our location, and he’s on his way now,” Isa answered affirmatively.

When she heard this, Isa frowned slightly.

Why did David ask Evie where the Elves were located? Did he not know where they were?


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