I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2630

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2630

It seemed impossible!

Although the Elves were not very powerful now, they were very famous.

How could a man of noble birth like David not know the location of the Elves?

Isa could not figure out the reason, but this did not affect her mood.

This did not make her doubt David’s identity and strength either.

After all, Isa personally fought David in The Spirit Cage.

Even if she used the Elves’ inherited treasure, the arrow could not do any harm to David.

David’s final outburst of anger even caused Isa to truly experience a death crisis.

David’s soul was too powerful. Even if Isa possessed the Elves’ inherited treasure, she would be killed instantly when facing David.

Back then, Isa guessed that David’s identity was not simple.

Now that David was coming, Isa began to formulate a plan that she had prepared long ago.

She never had the chance to implement it.

Now David had brought this opportunity, a look of hatred appeared in her eyes and she exuded a strong murderous aura.

It was the first time that Evie saw her mother like this. She was a little scared and asked, “Mother, what’s wrong with you?”

Her words also brought Isa back to reality.

“Oh! It’s nothing! I just thought of something that happened a long time ago,” Isa replied casually.

“Mother, what could make you act so scary?” Evie asked worriedly.

“Evie, you are still young, so there are some things that you are not ready to know yet.”

“Mother, I am not young anymore, and I am the Elven Princess, so I am qualified to know some of our secrets. I want to know what’s in your mind that caused you to show such murderous looks,” Evie said seriously.

She had just said that David was coming to attend the Elves ‘ sacrificial ceremony, and then, her mother showed such murderous feelings.

Evie naturally thought that her mother’s intention to kill was related to David, so she kept asking questions.

Although she did not think there was any deep hatred between David and her mother, she still wanted to understand.

Isa looked at her daughter.

She figured that if that plan was to be implemented, she might need help from Evie.

It would not be a bad thing to tell her in advance.

So Isa asked, “Evie, do you still remember that the Elves once encountered a catastrophe? Tens of thousands of Elven women were taken away in one go and sold to various places in Leila. It caused a great sensation at the time.”

“Of course, I remember! That is the eternal pain of our clan. Tens of thousands of our clan members were sold to become the playthings of other beasts. They were mistreated and humiliated.”

At this point, Evie’s eyes turned red. It was clear that she was thinking of those trafficked women.

She was very young at that time, but she did not forget.

This was the pain of their clan, an irreconcilable hatred.

“It’s good that you remember! You were still young at that time, so I thought you had forgotten.” Isa nodded.

“How could I? I will never forget that, Mother, you are the best Elven Queen and you’re also my idol. If it weren’t for you, we would still be living in darkness and live a life as other people’s prey,” Evie said with admiration.

The lifespan of the Elves was completely different from that of humans.

From the moment they were born, they absorbed the woodattribute spiritual energy between heaven and earth to nourish their bodies.

So, they grew slowly and had very long lifespans.

Even though Evie looked like a human in her twenties, she was actually hundreds of years old.


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