I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2631

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2631

“No, I’m not doing enough. The Elves still have a deep grudge that we still have not avenged. If we don’t get vengeance, the Elves will always be looked down upon.”

As Isa said that, a look of hatred appeared in her eyes. A murderous intent also started emitting from her body.

On hearing this, Evie suddenly realized her mother’s murderous intent was from remembering the blood feud between the Elves, so she tried to persuade her, “Mother, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Although you are the Elven Queen, revenge is not your responsibility alone, but the obligation of every Elve. We should unite and avenge those clansmen and make those scum pay the price.”

“When I took over as the Elven Queen, I swore that I would avenge this blood feud during my tenure as the Elven

Queen, otherwise I would be too ashamed to meet the ancestors of the Elves.”

“Mother, please don’t say that. Even if you fail to take revenge, you are still the best Elven Queen in the history of the Elves. Without you, we would not even dare to leave the Elven Forest, let alone walk around Leila brazenly,” Evie said quickly.

What she said was also true.

Even if Isa failed to take revenge, it would not affect her contribution to the Elves, nor would it shake her status

among the Elves.

Isa shook her head and spoke with a solemn tone, “Evie, if you had the chance to exact vengeance on those beasts now, would you be willing to seize it?”

“Of course, I would! Mother, just tell me what you need me to do! As long as I can avenge the Elves, I’ll do anything,” Evie replied without hesitation.

“The opportunity has come now. This sacrificial ceremony is the best time for us to take revenge.” Isa’s eyes flashed coldly.

“Mom, do you want David to help?” Evie guessed what her mother was thinking.

“Yes, David has the strongest soul power among the younger generation that I have ever seen. His identity will definitely not be simple. Since he is coming to this

sacrificial ceremony, it will be our best opportunity. If we miss it, we will not have another chance at revenge for a long time. We know the strength of our enemies, so it is difficult to do it by ourselves,” Isa nodded and admitted.

Although Leila’s other forces had a good relationship with the Elves, this relationship was maintained because the Elves gave a lot of benefits to them.

However, they would not go to great lengths to destroy other forces for the sake of the Elves because the benefits were not enough.

Among the major forces in Leila, a core meeting would be held to weigh the pros and cons before deciding on any big matters.

Unless there was sufficient reason to interest them, a decision would not be approved.

Even the heads of the families could not make the decision.

Offending the Vingeans for the Elves?

It would not be worth it!

One must know that the Vingeans could not be wiped out just because someone wished it so.

Many forces in Leila could wipe out the Vingeans, but not many could do so without suffering harm to themselves.

“But Mother, even if David has that ability, will he help? After all, we haven’t known each other long, and our relationship is not that good,” Evie asked with some worry.

“It will depend on you then.” Isa smiled.

“Depend on me? No, no! I can’t do it! Why would David listen to me? I don’t have that ability.” Evie shook her head repeatedly.


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