I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2632

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2632

This wasn’t just a matter concerning an individual but an entire force.

Even if David was willing to assist the Elves, would the force supporting him be willing to do so?

Would it jeopardize David’s relationship with the force backing him? These were all factors that required careful-consideration.

“Evie, listen to me. I have carefully observed David. He is a very enthusiastic person and he’s very good to the friends-around him. I believe you know this too. In addition, he’s not arrogant and proud like the heirs of those big powers. Wedefinitely can’t ask him for help directly, but if he encounters an enemy attack while he’s staying here and it happens to be the place where he lives, judging from his character, David will not stand idly by,”

“But… But in this case, aren’t we taking advantage of him? Mother, I… I don’t want this,” Evie resisted.

“Evie, you have to know that this is the closest opportunity we have to get revenge. Once we miss it, we don’t know when we will get another. Since we’re in the same area, those beasts will not let us develop. Are you willing to let all of our clansmen who were tortured to death die with remaining grievances?” Isa asked in a deep voice.

“I-I-I…” Evie stuttered for a long time without saying anything.

She was so anxious that she almost cried.

She wanted to avenge those clansmen, but she did not want to take advantage of David either.

In a dilemma, her eyes welled up and tears began to fall.

Seeing this, Isa walked to Evie and stretched out to touch her head. She comforted Evie softly, “Good girl, just do as I say. I will plan this matter carefully, and I guarantee that David will never find out. It won’t affect your relationship with him.”

“Mother, David is my savior. If it weren’t for him, my fate would be no better than those of the trafficked clansmen.

Aren’t we repaying kindness with enmity by doing this?” Evie asked, sobbing.

In her opinion, using her savior was equivalent to repaying kindness with hatred-“No way! Don’t think about it. I will play it by ear when the time comes. I will make sure that those beasts are just ants to David and he will not hurt himself while wiping them out before I take action. If the force behind David is not as

powerful as I imagine, we can just give up the whole plan, what do you think?”

After Isa finished speaking, she stared at Evie closely, waiting for her answer.

Evie wanted to say no, but she suddenly saw a trace of begging in her mother’s eyes.

This shocked Evie.

Her mother was the Elven Queen.

Relying on her strength, she led the Elves to change their fate from being prey to being able to walk out of the Elven Forest. At the same time, she also achieved unparalleled achievements.

The most admired leader in the eyes of the clan actually had a pleading look in her eyes.

As soon as Evie’s words of rejection reached the tip of her tongue, she swallowed them. In the end, she could only say helplessly, “W-What should I do then?”

Upon hearing Evie’s answer, a smile immediately appeared on Isa’s face.

Evie was a very important part of her plan.

Her consent was necessary to ensure the perfect implementation of the plan.

‘Thank you, Evie!” Isa said seriously.

“Mother, you don’t need to thank me. Not only am I a member of the Elves, but I am also the Elven Princess so I must do something for the Elves.” Evie replied.

“I am speaking for the tens of thousands of Elves who were sold as commodities. As far as I know, less than one percent of them survive. The rest are all dead, and they were all tortured before they died. One can even say that they died with hatred.”


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