I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2633

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2633

Faced with her mother’s pleading eyes. Evie had no choice but to reluctantly agree to help her implement the plan.

They would use David’s strength and background to avenge the Elves’ blood feud.

She did not want to take advantage of David, her savior, but she could not resist her mother’s pleading eyes.

That was when Evie discovered that the omnipotent mother in her heart could also be weak and powerless at times.

Hence, she had no choice but to agree.

The plan was not complicated.

After David arrived, they would arrange for him to stay in an independent place, with Evie accompanying him.

Then Elven Queen Isa would lead people to attract the Vingeans.

The two sides would then have a brief battle not far from where David lived.

When David heard the sound of fighting, he would definitely ask the reason.

Then, Evie would explain to David what the Vingeans did.

How they had been secretly capturing Elven women and selling them in Leila for profit.

They even captured tens of thousands of Elven women at a time and sold them all to unscrupulous businessmen.

While explaining, Evie would also show David some pictures.

They were all about the inhuman torture that Elven women suffered after being sold.

They could not even commit suicide so they endured endless pain and torture in silence until they died.

After almost every Elven woman died, their bodies would be scarred and they would die with grievances.

As per Isa’s observation, judging from David’s character, he would definitely not sit idly by.

If he still did not want to intervene, Isa would lead the Vingeans to where David lived and trick the Vingeans into attacking David.

In that way, David would have no choice but to take action.

As the heir to a superpower, David had no reason to tolerate when someone was blatantly bullying him.

As long as they created conflict between David and the Vingeans, the plan would be a success.

Isa figured David should be an heir secretly cultivated by a superpower of Leila.

The status of this kind of heir was very high.

There was a chance that he would become the controller of his own force in the future.

Even if he failed, he would still be at least the number two or three.

If both sides fought for real, or if David was injured, the force behind him might go ballistic and eradicate the Vingeans,

causing those beasts to disappear from the universe.

In this way, the Elves’ sworn hatred would be avenged.

Although the Elves were not the ones who destroyed them, they would be happy as long as the Vingeans received the

punishment they deserved.

Isa realized that with the Elves’ current strength, seeking revenge was nearly impossible.

They wouldn’t have a chance even in thousands or tens of thousands of years.

The Vingeans and the Elves lived together in the southern district of Five Continent, and the two clans were very close by The Vingeans could not possibly watch the Elves develop to the point where they could be a threat.

So, they would find a way to stop the Elves before they could reach that stage.

This would further diminish the Elves’ chances of seeking revenge.

Therefore, they did not want to pursue the goal of killing their enemies with their own hands.

They would be fine as long as the Vingeans received the punishment they deserved.

The mother and daughter discussed details about how to make it seem natural so that David could not tell.

Isa understood that with David’s intelligence, he might not have the time to think when the time came.

However, once he calmed down and recalled what happened, he would guess that the Elves were using him.

Isa was just comforting Evie by saying that David would not notice.

At this moment, Isa could not care anymore.

Initially, she only wanted to get Evie and David together.


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