I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2635

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 2635-The distance was unimaginable for ordinary people; from Earth’s Milky Way to level 9 civilization, Leila.

It could no longer be calculated in specific units.

Even with David’s partial Heavenly Overlord strength and changing of space multiple times, he could not arrive even after half a year.

There were countless civilizations along such a long distance.

Of course, most of them were low-level civilizations.

High-level civilizations were rare, and they were all level 7 and level 8 civilizations.

The only nearest level 9 civilization was Leila.

Among the vast galaxies, a level 4 civilization was located halfway between David and Leila.

Since David could not stand the loneliness of not having anyone to talk to for half a year, he stopped his journey near the vast galaxy.

As he looked at the starry civilization ahead and felt the breath of living creatures, David dived in, ready to talk to some humans or other intelligent life forms.

After not speaking for more than half a year, he almost forgot how to speak.

David had only lived a few dozen years since he was born.

If he had not obtained the system, he would have been a middle-aged man.

Earth could not compare with civilizations like Star Kingdom.

For example, the grandmasters of the major forces in Star Kingdom might need hundreds of years to break through a realm in seclusion or to practice a secret technique.

David’s every breakthrough in seclusion would not last more than three days.

Naturally, he was not used to being alone for more than half a year without anyone to talk to.

If other intelligent beings knew that David had become a true Overlord in less than a hundred years, and he was near the final Heavenly Overlord Rank in Overlord Realm, it was unknown what their reaction would be.

Perhaps no one would believe him.

After all, this was too exaggerated.

Which one of the Saints did not take thousands or even tens of thousands of years to achieve the rank they were in,

let alone a partial Heavenly Overlord?

They still needed to cross the Divine Realm!

Even Sylvio, an old man who had lived for endless years, would be shocked if he knew this.

After David entered the Boundless Galaxy, he did not go deeper and landed directly on the nearest living planet. He now urgently needed someone to talk to to relieve his boredom.

Planet Brechen was the living planet David came to.

Although it was only the outermost planet in the vast galaxy of a level 4 civilization, it was still much larger than Earth.

It was comparable to the Sun in size.

At this time, three carriages were moving quickly on a wide public road in Planet Brechen.

Dozens of cattle-like beasts were at the front and rear of the team of carriages, as well as around. Each beast would have a man riding on them.

These men were in uniform.

They were outside to protect the people in the carriages while acting as guards.

When David arrived at Planet Brechen, he saw the carriage team.

David, who had not spoken to someone for half a year, suddenly felt happy that he finally saw a living person. So, he immediately stopped in front of the carriage team.


Seeing someone blocking the road ahead, the head of the guards waved his hand and signaled the carriages behind him to stop.

All the carriages were parked neatly on the wide public road.

“May I know who you are? Why are you blocking my way?” The captain asked, staring at David with lightning-like eyes.

At the same time, his body was tensed and ready to take action at anytime.


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