The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4851

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4851-Xezal’s plan of moving the battlefield to the Chaos District contradicted James’ initial goal of protecting the Chaos District. Thus, James was hesitant. He looked at Waleria and asked, “What do you think?”

Waleria shook her head and replied, “I don’t know much about these things. Based on what I’ve heard from Xezal, I think her approach is ideal. If some powerful sects really are hidden within the Endlos, then chaos will surely break out very soon. We do need a powerhouse to preside over the situation.”

Wynton said coldly, “Even if we really need someone to preside over the situation, why does it have to be the deceased Chaos District’s Leader? He’s already gone, so why must we make a huge sacrifice just to resurrect him?”

Wynona, who had been silent, suddenly joined the conversation. “I agree. Why must it be him? You’re also capable of presiding over the situation, Master.”

Zula looked at James and said, “Wynton’s right. You’ve got great potential, James. With some time, you should be able to shoulder this responsibility.”

After hearing their opinions, James began to contemplate.

Wynton continued, saying, “You can’t blindly trust her, James. If the Extraterrestrial Demons are released, things might get out of hand. If we fail to eliminate them, it’ll

become a huge disaster for the Endlos’ Ten Districts.”

James nodded and replied solemnly, “I understand. Since this is a crucial matter, I’ll discuss it with Yardos.”

Waleria was stunned. After a while, she exclaimed, “Is Yardos also from the Chaos District?”

She took a deep breath and said, “The Chaos District is a really magical place. How are there so many powerhouses from there?”

James did not further explain and quickly searched for Yardos’ aura.

Yardos had already entered the ancient battlefield and was quite far from James. He was wandering the depths of the dark zone and had entered an ancient ruin.

“Let’s go, Livie,” James quickly gave an order and disappeared from the spot.

Livie immediately followed after him. The others waited patiently for his return.

While James made his way to see Yardos, Xezal had also gone to meet with Wyot.

At that moment, Wyot was outside an ancient ruin with a few of Mount Kapron’s powerhouses, trying to break the formation to enter the ruin.


A white light descended before them, and a beautiful woman with an extraordinary aura appeared.

“Xezal!” Wyot was overjoyed. He quickly gave an order, saying, “Leave us alone.”

“Alright.” The powerhouses from Mount Kapron dispersed, leaving only Xezal and Wyot.

“You’ve finally appeared, Xezal.”

Teresa had given Wyot some cultivation guidance in the past. She was also the one who saved him when he was trapped in the Human Universe. Before he entered the

Endlos, he had already learned that Xezal, who served the Dooms’ Patriarch, was Teresa’s clone.

Xezal nodded lightly in response. She looked at Wyot disappointedly and said, “You’ve disappointed me, Wyot. I’ve already given you many boons and taught you the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, yet you still lost to James.” Wyot’s face darkened.


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