Married at First Sight Chapter 2552

Married at First Sight Chapter 2552-Carrie had learned this before.

Camryn gained a lot of strength from the extensive housework that her mother made her do.

Camryn didn’t let go; Carrie stretched out her other hand, trying to pry Camryn’s hand away. Camryn lowered her head and bit the back of her hand hard, making Carrie scream. It screamed like a killing pig.

“Camryn, sister, sister, I won’t scold you anymore; I won’t hit you anymore; please let go; it hurts.”

Carrie was so painful that she gave up.

Camryn waited for her to cry and beg for a long time before letting go of her hand and mouth.

Carrie’s hand retracted and then kept shaking.

The back of her hand was bitten with blood marks by Camryn.

The wrist that was grabbed was also red from being strangled.

When did this blind woman move so quickly?

She actually grabbed her wrist accurately and bit the back of her hand.

With tears in her eyes, Carrie stared at her sister in the car resentfully.

If looks could kill, she had already cut Camryn into pieces.

“Camryn, this is my home. I want to go home. Why did you replace everyone in the house? Why don’t you let me in?”

Camryn got out of the car.

After she got off the car, she walked around the car and came to Carrie.

Carrie saw that she didn’t even have to touch the car when walking, and she walked very naturally. She looked at Camryn blankly.

–Can Camryn see it?

–My aunt said that the second young master of the York family hired some miraculous doctor to help Camryn treat her eyes. Was it cured?

–What kind of miraculous doctor is so powerful?

–Camryn had been blind for ten years. Her little aunt Azalea (Evelyn) took her everywhere to seek medical advice, but there was no cure. The disciple of the miracle doctor actually cured Camryn’s eyes in a short period of time?

Carrie tentatively stretched out her hand in front of Camryn and waved it.

Camryn looked at her quietly.

Carrie: “It’s still the same as before, can’t you see?”

Camryn said nothing.

She didn’t say that she could see it or that she couldn’t see it, leaving it up to Carrie to guess.

“Camryn, I don’t care if you can see it or not; this is my home; I want to go home; you can’t kick me out. Also, if your dog bites me, you have to compensate me!”

Camryn: “You were paid that night and asked you to get vaccinated.”

Carrie choked and then said angrily, “Camryn, I said, This is my home; I want to go home; you have no right to stop me and prevent me from going home! Don’t think that the Newman family is yours. If there is a lawsuit, I can also get a lot of family property. And Newman’s company is all mine. I am only qualified to inherit what belongs to my parents. You are just my father’s stepdaughter. What qualifications do you have to inherit?”

Camryn said calmly, “You can consult a lawyer to see if I am qualified to inherit. Newman’s company, this building, and Newman’s villa really belong to your family? You should visit the prison and ask your parents who owns all this.

My father left the house to me. It was you who occupied my house. You have lived in my house for more than ten or twenty years, and you regard it as yours. Who is being unreasonable? Who is occupying whose property?”

Carrie blushed angrily. “You are talking nonsense; how can this house belong to your father? Even if it really belongs to your father, my mother is your father’s legal wife. When he dies, my mother will inherit his inheritance, and it will naturally become my mother’s house.”


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