Stop It She’s Remarrying by Stellar Strands Chapter 588

Chapter 588

Conrad looked around and was not willing to let her feel disappointed.

Going against his conscience, he said, “Hearing you say that, I realize that it is indeed quite beautiful here.”

Fia patted his chest. “Then which was the first city you went to after leaving Gryphon the first


“The capital.”

“The capital? I have not been there before.”

Conrad replied, “When I’m able to make time, I’ll bring you there.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you.”

He made a promise in his heart that he would bring her out and about to walk and look around more, and let her see even more beautiful cities, when he was done being busy with everything.

He did not say it out loud, because there was no fixed time in which he could achieve it. There was quite a bit he had to do in the company.

He was afraid that if he said it out loud and could not set the time, it would disappoint her.

Under the night sky, under the neon lights, with her on his back, she felt an unprecedented sense of security.

She held his shoulders tightly, hoping that this moment could last forever.

“I hope…” Fia hesitated for a moment. “We can continue to always be like this, no fighting, no suspicion.”

“I will try hard to restrain my bad temper,” Conrad said seriously.

“Then you have to work hard!” Fia smiled teasingly as she touched his ear. “Your bad temper has been well-known since you were young.”

“I will work hard.” Conrad repeatedly instructed himself on the inside that he had to change his temper in front of her.

Conrad carried Fia back to the hotel suite and thought about the luggage that was thrown into the


“Fia, go and take a shower first. I’ll go to the car to get something.”


Conrad had just left for a couple of seconds when the doorbell rang. Fia thought that he had left something behind and had returned for it, so she quickly flew to the door and opened it.


The smile on her face disappeared as she looked at the man at the door, on full guard.

Dressed in a delivery outfit, he wore his cap low, and his face could not be seen clearly.

The man raised the box in his hand a little higher. “Miss Lawson, your delivery. Please sign it off.”

“You’ve made a mistake. I didn’t arrange for a delivery.”

When she wanted to close the door, he put a foot at the door to stop her from closing it.

“Mr. Maxwell asked me to send it in.”

“I don’t know any Mr. Maxwell. Please leave. Otherwise I’m going to call hotel security.”

“Miss Lawson, you have misunderstood. I am only here for delivery.” The man placed the box on the ground solemnly and then left.

Fia’s heart was in fear and thumping loudly. She popped her head out to watch the person walk to the elevator and leave.

Her hand held the door, not daring to open it too widely as she looked at the yellow cardboard box at the door.

On top of it was a delivery order. The recipient was Fia Lawson and the door number of the hotel. There was no information about the sender.

Could it really be that Conrad arranged for the delivery?

Was it a surprise?

This hotel was booked by him and only he knew the address.

The moment she ascertained that it was definitely a surprise that Conrad sent her, her guard was dropped.

She brought the box into the hotel room with great anticipation and used a pen to cut the tape that was used to seal the box.

Opening the paper box, there was a big red box inside. On the box was a big heart printed on it. The corner of her lips curved into a smile as she imagined what kind of a gift was waiting for her inside.

Was it jewelry?


Or a cute doll?

Or was it a couple item?


The moment the box was opened and Fia saw what was inside, she was so shocked that she screamed and threw the box and the item inside far away.


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