Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1440 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1440 [Eleven Jewell]

Dahlia was standing very far back in the crowd.

It took her quite a bit of effort to squeeze her way to the front row.

When she finally spotted the woman Trevor was leading, she felt a sense of familiarity.

As she began furrowing her brows, the woman lifted her head.

Dahlia was shocked to see who the true heiress of the Saun family was.

She could not help but yell out, “Stella?!” The scream was incredibly abrupt in the otherwise quiet atmosphere.

Stella paused for a moment, casting a faint glance toward the audience.

When she met Stella’s indifferent gaze, Dahlia instantly felt a chill down her spine.

‘What in the world…

How could the Sauns’ long- lost daughter be her?! How is this possible?!’ She thought.

Dahlia had gone to great lengths to separate Keegan and Stella.

And now, the heiress she wanted him to marry was none other than the ex-daughter-in-law she had driven away.

‘This is absolutely absurd!’ Dahlia’s face turned pale.

Aurora was also shocked by the realization but did not lose her composure.

She gently whispered to Dahlia, “Mom, are you alright?” Dahlia thought about all the wicked things she had done to Stella before, and a wave of panic washed over her.

She could not bear to imagine how the Saun family would treat her if they knew about the drugs she had administered to Stella.

“Mom?” Aurora called out again.

Dahlia snapped back to reality and said, “I-I’m feeling a bit tired.

T’ll head back first.” Without waiting for Aurora to say anything, she hurriedly left the scene.

Olivia’s lips curled upward as she saw Dahlia’s distress from a short distance away.

If it were not for the occasion, she would have liked to go over and make a sarcastic remark or two.

Trevor stood in the center of the stage with Stella, and Wenham gazed at his daughter with tender affection.

He grabbed the microphone and said, “Everyone, let me introduce my daughter, Stella.

Many of you probably know her or have seen her on TV.

But today, she stands here simply as my daughter.” “I’m very grateful to Madam Spade for caring for Stella over the years.

She had raised her well.

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to personally thank Madam Spade when she was still with us.

She’s my family’s benefactor, and we will forever be grateful.

“We’re hosting this banquet today not only to formally welcome Stella back into our family, but we also hope all of you will remember her face.

If you have the opportunity to interact with her in the future or if she encounters any difficulties, we hope you can lend her a helping hand.

Our family will be deeply grateful and will surely repay your kindness.” Wenham’s affection for his daughter was evident by how he was asking everyone to help her.

It was clear he wanted to pave a smooth path for her future.

Since Stella was previously known as the daughter of the Jewell family, no one had thought about her connection with the Sauns.

Now that she was standing next to Trevor, people were starting to realize the two indeed looked alike.

Those who had mocked Stella for being abandoned by Keegan before were no longer laughing.

None of them thought she experienced so many ups and downs with her seemingly great life.

“Stella, would you like to say a few words?” Wenham handed the microphone to Stella, and she took it.

While she was good with words when she was with Keegan, she could not help but feel a little nervous in this situation.

Her hand holding the microphone started sweating.

She looked down at the audience and saw Keegan standing not far away, gazing at her with tenderness in his eyes.

Seeing that she had not started speaking yet, Keegan teased her by mouthing, ” Scaredy-cat.” The method of provocation worked well on Stella.

Her competitive spirit immediately kicked in after he said that.

“Thank you all for taking the time to attend this banquet amidst your busy schedules.

I’m very glad that you could witness an extremely important moment in my life…”


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