Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1439 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1439 [Eleven Jewell]

Felicity was at a loss for words because of her best friend’s self – confidence.

Meanwhile, Wenham was welcoming his guests and beaming with delight.

He was extremely pleased to hear people congratulate him.

Since his wife’s passing over twenty years ago, today was the happiest day he had ever experienced.

As he shook everyone’s hands, he suddenly spotted a blond, blue-eyed man conversing with Keegan not far away.

Wenham hesitated for a moment, then hurried over and said, ” Mr.

Winston?” The man turned around, and his deep-set eyes met Wenham’s.

He politely smiled and greeted him with a Yostrainian accent.

Wenham extended his arm and shook the man’s hand.

His name was Danny Winston.

Danny Winston was a client Wenham had dealt with recently in North Yostrain.

The deal did not go through because Danny was not inclined to do business in Hustuabourg.

He was not even willing to look at the proposals, let alone discuss them further.

Trevor had been traveling abroad often recently, all in pursuit of this business.

They had tried many ways to negotiate a deal but had yet to sway Danny.

He knew Danny was traveling with his girlfriend in the area recently, so he had someone deliver an invitation.

However, he did not hold much hope that Danny would actually show up.

Although the business deal did not work out, they had become friends of sorts after all this time.

Given the significance of the event, it did not seem strange to invite Danny.

Wenham was overjoyed to see him there.

Danny mentioned that Keegan had told him about their daughter being taken away.

He said he had almost lost track of his own child once, so he understood how Wenham felt.

Wenham was somewhat surprised to hear that.

He glanced at Keegan, who appeared unfazed, showing no sign of seeking credit.

Wenham then began to chat with Danny about the process of finding his daughter.

They did not talk long before Trevor came over to inform his father it was time.

Wenham bid his farewell and told Keegan to greet the rest of the guests.

Keegan paused for a moment and nodded.

Not long after, Wenham took the stage.

After expressing his gratitude to everyone, he began his opening speech for tonight’s event.

The story about Stella being switched at birth happened too long ago, and the Sauns had not really looked into it yet.

Hence, Wenham breezed through the incident in one sentence, emphasizing the joy of reuniting with his child.

“It’s a miracle that we have our child back.

We’ve invited everyone here today to formally introduce her and share our joy with all of you.” He raised his hand, and the spotlight quickly moved to the entrance.

Everyone was eager to catch a glimpse of the true heiress of the Saun family.

The audience was straining their necks and fixating their eyes on the corner of the stage, waiting to see her enter.

They first saw Trevor walk into the room.

He extended his hand, and a delicate, fair hand reached out from behind, lightly resting on his.

Soon, a graceful figure came into view.

Stella’s peach-colored gown appeared soft and jubilant under the lights.

The audience gasped when they saw her fully revealed face.

“Stella?!” ‘She’s the Saun family’s long-lost daughter?! ‘Had the Sauns made a mistake?” ‘Isn’t she Rainee’s illegitimate daughter?”


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