The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4840

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4840-Zeno set his gaze on the spiritual mountain that he had pointed out earlier and teleported toward it the next instant. James and Livie quickly followed behind him.

Soon afterward, they reached the foot of the mountain. Another sealing formation was cast over the spiritual mountain. Although the formation was not imbued with the powers of the Tenth Path Technique, it was nonetheless a high-level formation that would require years of effort in deciphering and undoing it.

Fortunately, this was a simple task for James, who had mastered both the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and the Primal Mantra. The man had extensive knowledge of various difficult, ancient inscriptions.

With the use of the time formation, James managed to undo the formation placed over the mountain within thirty thousand years of the outside world.

As they ascended the mountain, James could sense low levels of the energies of heaven and earth around them.

Even though a long time had passed, the pristine spiritual mountain was still very well preserved.

After a short while, all three of them arrived outside a hall on the peak of the mountain. Zeno had a grim expression as he fixed his gaze on the door leading into the hall. Then, he rushed forward and opened it.

A man was seated in a chair placed at the center of the hall. Upon spotting that person, Zeno teleported and reappeared before that man. He called out in a choked voice, “Sancho, it’s me. It’s Zeno. Sancho…”

As Zeno repeated the man’s name desperately, the latter’s clothes began falling apart bit by bit. Gradually, the man’s flesh started turning into dust. In the end, only the man’s skeleton was left in the seat.

“Argh!” Zeno let out a cry in agony.

James and Livie remained silent as they watched him from a distance.

After a few minutes, Zeno finally managed to compose himself. He sighed. “Even though he had the protection of Emperor Raiah’s seal, Sancho didn’t manage to last through the long years and wait until help arrived… It’s all my fault. I got here too late. If I could get here sooner, I might have been able to rescue Sancho.”

Just then, a deep voice rang across the room.


Simultaneously, a faint human-like form slowly materialized over the skeleton still seated in the chair.

“Sancho.” The corner of Zeno’s eyes reddened as he gazed at the faint image of Sancho Geirr produced by soul sigils.

‘The soul sigils left on Sancho’s skeleton must have generated this image of him upon the detection of another living being. Once they have served their purpose, those

sigils will disappear too, along with the very last image of Sancho Geirr,’ Zeno thought.

Zeno knew that the soul sigils could not last long. He quickly asked, “Sancho, I need your help. I need to know who I am, and where is Emperor Raiah?

“You were the number-one Rune Arts Grandmaster serving under the command of Emperor Raiah, Zeno. In the past, you were stationed to protect Sasso City, which was located at the borders of the Endlos. Unfortunately, the city was seized one day, and you were taken by the extraterrestrial demons. By the time Emperor Raiah and our men rescued you, part of your soul was stolen. You had also suffered severe injuries and slipped into a deep sleep afterward.

Emperor Raiah had no choice but to bury you. He had hoped that you would awaken again someday.


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