The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4839

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4839-Zeno shared as he recalled the details about Yenrir City and that particular cultivator who served Emperor Raiah.

“Back then, the extraterrestrial demons had used every means they could think of to try and seize Yenrir City. The city was their only access to the Endlos’ Nine Districts. The city and its military force were the very reasons the extraterrestrial demons were kept at bay in the past.”

“So, the person sealed in this place is Sancho Geirr?” James had a slightly puzzled look. “If the people on the Endlos’ side had won the battle in the past, this city and Sancho wouldn’t have been put under a seal, right? That doesn’t explain what we’re seeing now.”

Zeno shook his head. “I’m not sure either. We can only find out if it’s Sancho Geirr sealed inside after we search the city. A formation has been cast over the city. Do you think you can undo the formation?”

James turned his gaze toward the run-down city. He could sense the presence of numerous unique inscriptions placed around the city that emitted a familiar energy.

“I could detect the inscriptions from the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and the powers of the Tenth Path Technique. I have only mastered the Sixth Path Technique so far. I’ll give it a try and see if I can undo the formation,” James explained.

James leaped and rose higher in the air. As he directed his gaze at the city below him, James activated the techniques of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and began generating the six different powers.

Then, James raised his palm and channeled the combination of the six powers toward the sealing formation cast over the city.

Countless inscriptions that were hidden in the sealing formation materialized before their eyes almost instantaneously. Eventually, some of the inscriptions shifted to make a path into the fallen city.

“It worked.” Zeno was beaming from ear to ear.

James teleported toward the entrance of the path and made his way into the city. Zeno and Livie followed closely behind him.

Vast lands and barren mountains could be seen inside Yenrir City. James and the others could find various traces of battle and destruction wherever they looked.

Apart from that, innumerable gravestones were erected across the land. Some of them were carved with the name of the deceased while most of the other gravestones were nameless.

Zeno had a woeful look in his eyes as he slowly took in the view around him. It seemed as though the field of gravestones just ran on endlessly.

‘I could tell how intense the battle leading to the birth of the ten districts was just by looking at the state of this city.

Countless cultivators had sacrificed their lives to protect the Endlos.’ James had a frown as he pondered.

‘They brought all of the bodies back after the battle and buried them here.”

Zeno had a somber expression on his face. “After Emperor Raiah had defeated the leader of the extraterrestrial demons, the enemy’s armies were pulled back. The peace of the Endlos was finally preserved.”

“After the battle had ended, Emperor Raiah and his men brought the bodies of the fallen cultivators found across the battlefield to this city and buried them here. Some of those unidentified remains were just severed body parts of cultivators. There were also those whose physical bodies were completely annihilated.”

“What else do you remember? Do you remember who you are?” James asked.

‘That was all I could recall so far. I still have no idea who I am.” Zeno knitted his brows. The man had spent a very long time trying to find more information about his background.

Then, Zeno pointed toward a spiritual mountain located in the central area of Yenrir City. “I vaguely remember that Sancho Geirr was sealed in that place.”

“Even though Emperor Raiah had managed to give the extraterrestrial demons’ leader a critical blow during their battle, the Endlos was still facing the threat from our enemies. While Sancho had suffered severe injuries,

Emperor Raiah placed a seal over this place with Sancho inside since he couldn’t provide Sancho with immediate treatment. Then, Emperor Raiah had to leave this place for his other duties.”

James muttered, “Where has Emperor Raiah gone, then?”

“I want to know about that too. If I had known, I wouldn’t have had to go through so much trouble trying to look for him.”


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