The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4838

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4838-James was seriously considering whether he should just exterminate Livie a few moments ago. However, he was slightly convinced by Zeno after listening to his words, and he decided to keep Livie under observation for the time being.

Meanwhile, Livie tried to go through her memories again. Unfortunately, she could only recall a small part of the incident that had happened in that place.

All she could say for sure was that a battle of an extraordinarily large scale took place in that area. Countless beings were involved in the battle back then. That was all Livie could remember.

James tried to ask for more details about that battle. He didn’t press Livie for answers when she had eventually run out of things to say.

“Let’s start by looking around.” James turned his gaze toward Zeno.

After that, all three of them spread out and searched the area. James unleashed his Zen and used his powers to detect places with unusual energies. He was able to extend his Zen to cover almost the entire area of their search zone.

In the blink of an eye, three hundred years had gone by.

“I found it!” James’ voice rang through the darkness.

“Where is it?” Zeno sounded rather excited.

James pointed toward his left. “It’s this way.”

He wielded the Blithe Omniscience and teleported away. Jamesreappeared in another area almost instantaneously, followed by Zeno and Livie.

All of them could make out the vague form of a city shrouded heavily by black mists located some distance away from them. They slowly walked toward the city.

As they arrived outside the entrance to the city, James and the others could see the peaks of several spiritual mountains from their spot. However, traces of damage and destruction were scattered all over the city. The city walls and buildings nearby were badly damaged. Even the city gate was left lying on the ground after it had been removed from its original spot.

Fortunately, the words carved on the city gate were still legible. A powerful, immense energy radiated from the carvings on the thick, wooden gate. They were most likely the work of a skilled and superior cultivator.

“Yenrir City?” Zeno muttered to himself as he stared at the carvings on the gate.

Zeno closed his eyes as he fell into deep thought. After a while, he slowly opened his eyes and said, “So, this is Yenrir City.”

Just then, Livie interrupted, saying, “Yenrir City is a city located on the periphery of the Endlos that acts as an important location in preventing the invasions of the extraterrestrial demons.”

“If the extraterrestrial demons could conquer Yenrir City, they’d be able to enter and attack the other areas of the Endlos right away. The Yenrir City was a strong fortress. The extraterrestrial demons had dispatched numerous troops in multiple attempts to seize the city. Yet, they have never been successful.”

Zeno and James were staring hard at Livie at that point.

Livie could feel their gazes bore into her. “I… I started remembering those details as soon as we got here. I don’t even know how I’m aware of all these things.”

James cast a glance in Zeno’s direction. “Could it be that you are actually a puppet too?”

“What nonsense is that?! I have a complete soul!” Zeno snapped at him.

“Livie has it too. I gave her a complete soul as well. Yours could have been created by another superior cultivator.”

Zeno rolled his eyes. “Livie is right. Yenrir City was a key location for the countless battles that happened in and outside the Endlos in the past. One of Emperor Raiah’s competent subordinates was stationed at this city. The man’s name was Sancho Geirr.”


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