The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4837

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4837-“Mhm.” Li vie paused with a distant look in her eyes. “I seem to have vague memories of this place.”

James met Zeno’s eyes. Then, he transmitted his voice silently with his Zen. “What on earth is happening? Did something go wrong with your puppet-making process? Could it be that some memories of her past life are still lingering within the skeleton?”

‘That can’t be right.” A small frown creased Zeno’s forehead. He replied using his Zen too, “I checked very carefully after I was done removing the Zen and soul sigils from the skeleton. Everything seemed fine back then!

Theoretically speaking, there’s no way she still remembers any memories of her past life.”

James kept a straight face as he asked Livie, “What did you recall, Livie?”

Livie’s brows drew together in a frown. “I have these short flashbacks of images in my head.”

James said, “Just tell us what you remember.”

“Alright.” Livie closed her eyes and focused on her memories.

In some of the deeper parts of Livie’s bones, several faded sigils started glowing as Livie tried to recall her memories. Those sigils gradually produced discontinuous images of a specific scene.

“I remember now!” Livie exclaimed after she had pieced those images together.

“It was a battle. A battle broke out in this place in the past. I was probably one of the people joining the battle, but I couldn’t recall the incident in detail.”

“That’s alright. You don’t have to try too hard to recall the details,” James replied.

Then, he turned his eyes to Zeno again.

Zeno flushed in embarrassment. “Why are you giving me that look?! How would I know something like this would happen? She must have been an exceptionally superior cultivator when she was still alive. It is beyond my skills and capabilities to remove the memories still lingering in her body.”

James asked, “Would it be dangerous for us to keep her around then?”

He was ready to end Livie with his own hands since he did not want to keep a time bomb around.


Livie’s eyes were bright with tears as she gazed at James. ” Are you going to exterminate me? Did I do something wrong?”

James wavered as he noticed the dejected expression on her face. “No… No. It’s not your fault.”

Zeno had a pensive expression as he crossed his arms.”

This shouldn’t be a serious issue. Even though she still has some of her past memories, they seem to be memory fragments that have left a deep impression in her mind.

Those wouldn’t be able to affect her being or her thoughts. Besides, even if she loses control because of those memories, would she be able to cause you any harm?

“Also, she is still functioning properly and normally. By the time an issue arises, you’ve probably gotten strong enough to handle the problem anyway.”

James looked at Livie, who was still gazing at James with a cautious, nervous expression on her face. She seemed just like a child who was afraid of getting scolded by her parents.

He walked closer to Livie and patted her gently on her head. “Don’t worry. You didn’t do anything wrong. Just let me know if you can remember anything else.”

“Really?” Livie’s face brightened. She could sense how James had wanted to eliminate her since he was her creator. Livie was truly worried that he might have gotten rid of her at that point.

“Yes,” James answered firmly.


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