The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4836

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4836-The competition regarding the Boundless Ranking was set to go on for a period of ten epochs. This ancient battlefield was chosen as the venue since the Boundless Tablet was found in this area.

Truthfully, a normal competition involving battles between cultivators would usually end fairly quickly. The duration of the competition was prolonged so that participants could venture out across the battlefield and perhaps come across treasures or opportunities of great fortune.

“Where are we right now? Also, how long will it take for us to reach the location that we are looking for?” Although James had memorized the map provided by Zeno, he still had no clue about his exact location at the moment.

Zeno replied, “We are currently situated somewhere outside the dark zone, whereas the person has been sealed at a place hidden deep in the dark zone. If we were to travel at full speed, we should be able to reach our destination within a few million years.”

James’ eyes widened.

‘It’s going to take a few million years for cultivators of our level to reach that place?! How big is this dark zone?’ James wondered.

Zeno could tell what James was thinking from the expression on his face. “The Heavenly Path does not exist in

these dark, uncharted areas. What’s more, the dark zone is actually bigger than what you can imagine. As far as I know, it is even larger than all the Endlos’ Nine Districts combined together.”

James was very surprised to hear about the size of the dark zone. Still, he quickly decided that it was time for them to move as there was no time for him to waste.

“Let’s go.”

Zeno and James decided on the general direction that they would travel in. Then, both of them started teleporting toward the dark zone at a high speed, with Livie following right behind.

Several million years passed as the three of them traveled further and further into the deepest and most deserted place of the dark zone.

A malevolent, vicious energy permeated the air and space in the darkness of that area. The ordinary people would not be able to get close to this area, in the first place. Even competent cultivators would not recklessly enter this zone since it was easy for anyone to lose their sense of direction there.

Once a person got lost in the dark zone, they would be trapped there for the rest of their lives. The darkness would slowly eat away at their soul and physical body, leaving only the person’s skeleton behind.

A voice rang out in the darkness just then. “We could have gotten here much sooner if we didn’t have to leave multiple markings along the way. It is easy to get disoriented in this place. The markings will be helpful for us to find our way back. If only we had the guiding lamp! We can travel across the dark zone without any difficulties if we have the guiding lamp.”

Upon hearing Zeno’s words, James thought, ‘Once the competition is over, I’ll look for Xezal and ask her if there is any way for me to return to the Chaos District.

‘I plan to search for the guiding lamp in the Human Universe. With the lamp, I will be able to look for the Infinity Stele in the Human Universe and try to obtain the Endlos Heart.’

“Where is the place that we are looking for again?” James asked.

Zeno took the map out again and started looking at it closely. After a brief moment, he began, “It should be located somewhere in this area. Let’s spread out and look around.”

While James and Zeno started going in separate directions to search the area, Livie stared into the darkness absently.

Black mists emanating evil, dangerous energies floated around the space of the dark zone.

“Master, I was here before.”

James turned around and looked at the owner of the voice. He had a puzzled look on his face. “What did you say? You were here before?”

Livie’s words halted Zeno in his tracks as well.

‘I’ve removed the residual Zen and soul sigils from the skeleton. When James had given her a new Zen, she was basically reborn again. Why would she claim that she’s been here before?’ Zeno pondered.


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