Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1441 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1441 [Eleven Jewell]

Stella spoke at a calm and steady pace. Her speech was devoid of any exaggerated recounting of her past twentyplus years. There was no overwhelming excitement about being recognized by the Saun family. Instead, she shared her journey from the moment she learned about her true heritage and the love and care she received from the Saun family. Her words were sincere and filled with gratitude toward her family and friends.

Edith and Wilfred were in the audience and had tears in their eyes. Despite Stella’s excellent upbringing, it was inevitable that they felt heartbroken after over two decades of separation.

Darcie watched as Stella spoke on stage, carefully observing her features. ‘They’d be identical if she just has a mole on her nose,’ she thought.

“Mom, it’s time for the group photo,” Jaylene interrupted.

She returned to reality and realized that Stella had already finished her speech. The elderly couple and Daryl were already on stage, taking photos.

Darcie pursed her lips and said, “Let’s go.”

“Stand next to me, Stella. Leighton and Trevor, pick whichever side you like,” said Edith.

Wilfred frowned and said, “No. Stella should stand next to me. These two are so tall they’ll block my airway if they

stand next to me.”

Trevor and Leighton were speechless as they noticed the obvious favoritism.

Seeing the elderly couple argue, Trevor could not help but say, “Can’t we just take a few more photos with different standing positions? I’m sure we have enough film.”

The elderly couple glared at him and said, “But we can only hang one family photo on the wall.”

If Edith and Wilfred took different shots with Stella standing next to them, they’d have to argue over which picture to hang on the wall. So, they rather seized the opportunity from the very beginning.

After a long dispute, they finally settled on having Stella sit in the middle. Meanwhile, Leighton and Trevor were to stand on either side of the elderly couple.

Stella suddenly felt like she had been promoted to a higher position as everyone was standing except her and the elderly couple.

After taking the shot, Wilfred wanted to take a few more photos with his granddaughter alone.

“Wenham, let’s take a photo together, too,” Darcie suggested.

As soon as she spoke, the lively and joyous atmosphere in the room died down quite a bit.

Wenham said, “Let’s wait for Stella to take a few more photos with mom and dad. They have things to attend to in

Royalburgh and can’t stay here for long. They’ll be going back soon.”

“In that case, I’ll accompany them for these few days and show them around.”

The elderly couple’s expressions immediately turned solemn. Wilfred was not keen on the idea as well.

“That’s alright. Stella can take us around. After all, she grew up in Rivera and knew this place better than you,” said Edith.

Wenham could sense the displeasure in her words. Even though the banquet went relatively smoothly, the hotel chosen still weighed on the elderly couple’s minds.

“Mr. Winston is here. I’ll go greet him first,” Wenham whispered.

Darcie gave a slight nod and left with Jaylene. As Jaylene passed Leighton, he suddenly muttered, “Ugly bitch.”

Jaylene was taken aback, turning to look at Leighton. However, he had already gone to look at the family portrait.

Jaylene pressed her lips together and left the stage with a tense expression.

The atmosphere on stage became lively once again after the mother-daughter duo walked away.

Wilfred took out an exquisite-looking box and handed it to Stella.

“My dear, this is a gift your grandmother and I prepared for you.”

Stella did not expect to receive any gifts at this event.


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