Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1442 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1442 [Eleven Jewell]

‘Why are they giving me another present? What was that money pouch they gave me last time?’ thought Stella as Wilfred handed her a box.

She was about to decline when Trevor intervened, saying,” It’s a heartfelt gesture from your grandparents. You should accept it.”

Upon hearing that, Stella found it hard to refuse. She took the present and said, “Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma.”

Following that, Daryl also handed her a gift box. “Stella, this is a gift from me and your aunt. We hope you like it.”

This left Stella stunned. Soon, everyone in the family was giving her gifts. Even Leighton’s younger brother, Noah, who was 12 years old, prepared one for her. Before she knew it, Stella held a pile of presents from her relatives.

Trevor helped her carry some of them and said, “Let me keep these for you. We’ll go through the gift receipts together after the party.”

Stella’s heart skipped a beat. “Gift receipts?”

Trevor chuckled. “Yeah. Did you think everyone’s here just to see you?”

Wenham held a prominent position in the business world, and with his outgoing personality, he made friends everywhere. He would make sure to send gifts and monetary contributions for weddings, funerals, and other occasions back in Hustuabourg, even if he was abroad and could not be present.

Since the Saun family had not held any large-scale events for joyous occasions, and considering Wenham’s generosity, this banquet was essentially a way for the people to reciprocate.

Stella looked at the sea of people and realized that the banquet hall would be filled with presents if everyone gave a gift.

“Enjoy it while you can,” said Trevor.

‘Am I being too obvious?’ Stella thought.

“This is probably why Keegan has a hold over you,” Trevor sighed, hinting that Stella was easily amazed by fame and money.

Stella was a little annoyed. “It’s not like that. I also judge people by their appearance,” she said.

Her response left Trevor at a loss for words.

After they stored the gifts, Trevor led Stella to the table.

Wenham was chatting with Danny at the moment. Seeing his children enter the scene, he waved for them to come.

As they approached, Wenham introduced his friend to his daughter, “Stella, this is a friend of mine from business, Danny Winston.”

Danny extended his hand to greet her, and Stella shook it. Wenham then introduced him to Jaylene.

Jaylene confidently exchanged greetings with him and immediately initiated a conversation in fluent Yostrainian. Stella stood by, listening quietly without interjecting.

‘Danny seems highly enthusiastic about Jaylene’s words, though it could also be the exaggerated mannerisms typical of foreigners,’ thought Stella. He had quite an array of reactions when talking to Jaylene.

After a while, Danny shifted his gaze to Stella and spoke to her in Yostrainian. When he finished, Stella asked, “Can you say that again in Hustuabourgian?”

Danny was taken aback, seemingly not expecting her to say that.

“Stella, Mr. Winston is a true Yostrainian. He doesn’t understand Hustuabourgian. I can translate for you if you don’t understand,” said Jaylene.

Stella glanced at her, then turned to Danny and spoke in Yostrainian, “I heard from Trevor that your girlfriend is from Hustuabourg, and you come here every year to spend time with her. I just thought you’d at least know how to converse in her language.”

Stella’s pronunciation was clear, indicating that she knew the language. Jaylene felt embarrassed and curled up her fingers unconsciously.

Danny chuckled and said in Hustuabourgian, “I do, but I’m not particularly proficient in it.”

Stella smiled when she heard that. “Practice makes perfect.


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