Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1443 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1443 [Eleven Jewell]

Danny observed Stella and noticed this was the first time since he rose to his current position that someone had taken the lead in a conversation in their language with him. He found it rather intriguing.

“You make a valid point,” he remarked. “Did you ask me to speak Hustuabourgian because you’re not proficient in Yostrainian?”

Others turned their attention to Stella upon hearing that.

Being bad at Yostrainian was not a big deal, but the fact that she asked Danny made it seem like she was ignorant. With Jaylene, who was fluent in Yostrainian, standing nearby, it inevitably made people think less of Stella. They realized that they not only had different upbringings but also varying education levels and views as well.

Wenham was about to speak up for his daughter, but Stella admitted, “My speaking is average, but I have no problem understanding you.”

People learn language when they can practice it in an environment where it is often used. Stella had long set Yostrainian aside after she passed it in sixth grade.

However, she often tuned into Keegan’s phone calls when he communicated with overseas clients in Yostrainian. Her spoken language was only passable due to this. She could manage basic communication but was bound to stumble when it came to complex conversations.

Moreover, Keegan had briefed Stella on Danny last night. He mentioned that Danny appreciated straightforward people. Hence, Stella found it appropriate to just ask him if he spoke Hustuabourgian instead of pretending she knew the language well. After all, it was something that would be revealed sooner or later. It would be embarrassing if she was exposed.

Just as Stella finished speaking, Darcie explained, “Unlike Jaylene, who spent a few years studying abroad, Stella did not get to grow up in a Yostrainian-speaking environment. It’s rather impressive that she can understand it even a little, considering that the quality of education in Hustuabourg is limited.”

Stella paused and looked at her stepmother. While it seemed like Darcie was defending her with that statement, upon closer examination, it subtly highlighted the difference between her and Jaylene.

Stella smiled and said, “Darcie, perhaps you’ve been abroad too long. Your impressions of Hustuabourg seem to be outdated. Conditions have improved now, and parents pay great attention to cultivating their children’s second language. Try stopping any primary school student off the street and ask them for directions in Yostrainian; they’ll help you find your way. Just because I haven’t put much effort into learning the language, which doesn’t mean the quality of education in Hustuabourg is low.”

Darcie froze upon hearing that. She chuckled and said,” Indeed, this country has changed so much over these years.”

Danny was more interested in Stella’s candor. Although his girlfriend was from Hustuabourg, he did not have a particularly good impression of the people. This was because he had encountered a Hustuabourgian business partner who caused him a lot of trouble during his early entrepreneurial days.

Danny met the person at university. They started their business together, but luck was not on their side. Their products did not sell well, and they had difficulty finding investors. They lived frugally, scrimping and saving every penny to invest in their business. They practically stayed in their office during the most difficult times, sharing a single loaf of bread with each other. Despite their circumstances, neither of them spoke of giving up.

The business started to show signs of improvement after two years. Just as Danny thought their hard work was finally paying off, his partner took their profit and defected to a large enterprise at the time.


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