Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1444 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1444 [Eleven Jewell]

Danny tried to confront his business partner at the time, only to be swiftly shown the way out. He could not accept the outcome and fell into a depressive state. He wasted two years doing nothing at home. Eventually, his wife divorced him, taking their daughter with her. Meanwhile, his former business partner soared to success on the back of their joint efforts.

When they crossed paths again at a class reunion, the person not only lacked remorse but also taunted him with harsh words. He denied Danny’s contribution to their shared success and belittled him to the point of worthlessness.

This incident then ignited his spirit to get himself together. He began to pick up the pieces and start anew. The process was tough, but the thought of being betrayed and abandoned spurred him on.

His current girlfriend, whom he met during his second venture, stood by him during the most grueling moments. She provided him with much encouragement and help.

However, Danny still held a deep mistrust for Hustuabourgians in terms of character due to the actions of his previous business partner. This was also why, despite dating his girlfriend for nine years, he had not yet married her.

Danny did not resent his ex-associate for betraying the business. However, he was hurt that he betrayed their friendship and went out of his way to degrade him.

As the saying goes, once bitten, twice shy. After Danny’s business grew, he collaborated with all sorts of businessmen, except for Hustuabourgians.

Nevertheless, Danny’s girlfriend was a Hustuabourgian and well-known in her community. Trevor was the one who introduced them.

Danny had a favorable impression of Wenham and his son, but the lingering concern that he would be betrayed still made him hesitant to consider doing business with them. In his perception, Hustuabourgians were hypocrites and backstabbers.

Initially, Danny had not planned on attending the banquet. But his professor from his university, whom he was close with, suddenly contacted him last night. The professor asked him to visit a Hustuabourgian student of theirs named Keegan Kane. So, he decided to come.

Danny found it a pleasure to converse with Keegan and Stella since both of them were straightforward individuals.

He smiled and said to Wenham, “Your daughter is very honest.”

Wenham looked at Stella with affection in his eyes. “She’s a sensible and compliant child. She does things without any hidden motives.”

Danny sighed. “My daughter is the same. When I asked her if she liked me or her mother better, she chose her mother while holding onto the gift I bought for her. She’s so brutally

honest; it breaks my heart.”

Wenham chuckled, and the two engaged in lively conversation.

Darcie, keeping an eye on the time, reminded Wenham,” Darling, maybe you should lead Mr. Winston to his seat. The dishes might be getting cold.”

Wenham put their conversation on hold and said, “This way, please, Mr. Winston.”

Olivia had prepared a special table for VIPs and decorated it exquisitely. As soon as guests arrived, she warmly welcomed them.

Danny took his seat. In passing, he commented, ’Mr. Saun, I’m not trying to impose, but I think you could’ve rented a bigger venue. It seems like your guests could use more space.”


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