Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1445 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1445 [Eleven Jewell]

Wenham froze upon hearing Danny’s comment, clearly displeased. He opened his mouth but struggled to find the right words.

Darcie then intervened and said, “You might not be aware of this, Mr. Winston, but Stella was the one who chose this hotel. We realized that we should’ve held the event at a larger venue. But we decided to ask Stella for input and consider her wishes.

“Having grown up in another family, a five-star hotel might already be luxurious in Stella’s eyes. Plus, the environment here is satisfactory. Since Stella liked the venue, we didn’t question much,” she continued.

Trevor was grabbing a tissue when he heard Darcie say this. He paused and narrowed his eyes subtly.

Stella lowered her gaze, thinking that Darcie had been planning this all along. ‘She was the one who provided me with a list of hotels. It’s like she was expecting me to choose it.’

Darcie’s words implied that Stella was a country bumpkin and did not know much about the finer things in life.

The people at the nearby table had been eavesdropping on the conversation from the beginning. Upon hearing this, they immediately huddled together to gossip.

“I was wondering why they held this banquet here. Turns out

Stella herself chose it. She probably doesn’t even know which hotel in Rivera is the best. She likely thinks a five-star is already impressive.”

“Even the place Jaylene rented for her birthday before is much more lavish than this.”

“Well, she was raised by the Jewells. What did you expect?”

“But she’s been married into the Kane family for three years. Doesn’t she have even a basic level of discernment?”

“A person’s growth and potential can be shaped by their surroundings. Even someone with great potential may struggle to reach their full capabilities if raised in an unfavorable environment.”

Lena could not stand it anymore and indifferently stated,” Unfortunately, some people can still be pricks despite being raised in a good family.”

Everyone at the table went silent.

Carter cleared his throat and raised his thumb to signal Lena that she was incredible.

Stella regained her composure and said, “Dad, I did not randomly choose this hotel. The owner of this hotel is Ms. Olivia Warren, who has helped me a lot before. Since I haven’t had the chance to properly repay her, I thought, why not let her handle it? I wanted to express my gratitude for her help. Moreover, she pays great attention to detail and does things well.

“I know the hotels Darcie suggested, such as Harmony

Heights, Elysian Oasis, and Azure Haven, are great. I like them all. I understand that Ms. Warren’s hotel might be slightly smaller than others, but it feels right. Although the decorations may not be as grand as what you are used to, I find comfort in knowing that my friend had put much thought into it.

“Trevor often said that it’s important to repay people’s kindness. I didn’t have the means to do so in the past. But now that I’m part of the Saun family, I have the resources to help my friends with their businesses. I want to show them how much I care. Dad, you aren’t upset that I chose this place, are you?”

Wenham was quite interested in listening to his daughter speak at first. However, as he listened, his expression grew increasingly somber. None of the hotels she mentioned were considered the best in Rivera. Some of them were even inferior to Regal Banquets. They were actually on the list of venues Darcie put together, which showed that she had not put much effort into her research.

Darcie noticed Wenham shooting a look at her way, and her heart sank. She quickly explained, “Didn’t you flip the list over, Stella? I also wrote down places like Dragon Lagoon and Emperor Suite.”

Stella continued to act ignorant. She smiled and said, “Well, I think they’re about the same. They’re all good hotels.”

Darcie did not know what to say.

“I was wondering why the Sauns would hold this banquet here. Turns out it was your suggestion, Stella?” Olivia spoke up.


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